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Japanese company made March 26 a holiday to allow its employees enjoy the Monster Hunter Rise launch

Written by: Jei Beltrano | Published on: March 25, 2021 at 5:17 PM PHT (GMT+8)

A Japanese company made headlines on Twitter and the news outlets this week as they made a unique and appreciative way of treating their employees a work off. But not just an ordinary work off, a holiday in response to its employees' desire of playing a video game.

Mark-On Ltd., a Japanese VR development company, made March 26, 2021 an official company holiday to allow its employees enjoy the Monster Hunter Rise launch. Yes, Monster Hunter Rise, the upcoming Capcom's adventure role-playing game of the Monster Hunter series launching worldwide on March 26 for the Nintendo Switch, is the sole reason.

The company's CEO Masaki Hiyama decided to make the game's launch day an official holiday for the company in response to the volume of request for leave of their employees whose reason were mostly to enjoy the launch of the game.

The CEO then made an official announcement through a memorandum declaring March 26, a "MonHun Day” (Monster Hunter Day). He then shared a screenshot of the memo on his Twitter account which was then flooded with comments and made headlines on the different social media and news outlet in and out of Japan.

Just today, March 25, Tokyo's official newspaper outlet Tokyo Shinbun, published a news article on their daily newspaper regarding the company's holiday. Masaki Hiyama did share a screenshot of the newspaper and commented in shock.

©Tokyo Shinbun

The Monster Hunter Rise game is coming out on March 26 simultaneously worldwide which is one of the highly anticipated title this year for the Nintendo Switch. The Monster Hunter franchise is incredibly successful in Japan with every release seeing enormous attention.

Nintendo has unveiled on last February a new special edition game-themed Nintendo Switch Console and Pro Controller to celebrate the return of Capcom's Monster Hunter series on the Switch for a game release titled "Monster Hunter Rise". The "Monster Hunter Rise" Special Edition Switch console and Pro controller will be available starting March 26, 2021 in Japan, same day as the release of the new game.

Nintendo Switch "Monster Hunter Rise" Special Edition

The Nintendo Switch "Monster Hunter Rise" Special Edition Box which contains a themed Switch console, 2 Joy-cons, a dock, and a physical copy of the game is priced at 38,400 yen (around Php 17,800.00 more or less) SRP.

A game-themed Pro Controller (sold separately) will also be released on the same day for 7,480 yen (around Php3,500.00 more or less) SRP

Nintendo Pro Contoller "Monster Hunter Rise" Special Edition
Monster Hunter Rise-themed console, Joy-cons and dock
Monster Hunter Rise-themed console (back)

Monster Hunter Rise-themed Joy-cons (front)
Monster Hunter Rise-themed Joy-cons (back)


Source: Masaki Hiyama Official Twitter via Yahoo News JP


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