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Shounen Jump + releases new service, allows users to make own manga and a chance to be published

Written by: Adrian Andulan

Published on: August 27, 2021 at 20:30 PHT (GMT+8)

In a Twitter announcement on the official account, a new service from Shounen Jump will allow users to make their own manga, even without any drawing experience.

The service is called World Maker, and it allows users to build their own manga panels from scratch and use media assets in the application to make your own story. The app promises to be useable by those who lack drawing skills, allowing anyone to be able to make their own manga. All from the comfort of your smartphone.

According to the announcement, the app will be user friendly and will only require the creativity of the user. Functions in the app will include:

  • Ease of making dialogue through blurbs, narration, split panels, and other methods that users may need

  • Automatic manga panel layouts that allow easy editing of story flow and structure, and allows users to control the format and appearance of the manga panels.

  • Different media assets available for use and provided by the service. These include characters, backgrounds, sound effect blurbs, symbols, and any other visual parts needed for the stories. The app will contain 600,000 assets for use.

  • Users can also use customized drawings, backgrounds, photos, symbols, and other media for their story.

  • Publishing of your work on the service itself.

The service is currently scouting for people to enter the beta stages as part of a limited trial run of the closed beta version to allow users to experience the app earlier. Currently, the app is looking for 500 participants in this trial run for the closed beta version which will be released on September 8, in advance to the September 22 release date of the open beta version. The service hopes to take in to consideration any criticisms to the app to improve the user experience.

The period for application is August 27, 2021 (Friday) up until September 5 (Sunday). They will be accepting applications for the trial run up until 11:59 PM JST. For more inquiries, and how to apply, visit the official Twitter account for World Maker.

The service is also hosting a contest for those who use the service. Known as the "World Maker Name Award", any titles or manga made by users through the app will have a chance to get published in Shounen Jump and be a user's chance to debut as a manga artist. According to the announcement by World Maker, manga made through the service and are up to 4 pages will be eligible. And those who win will also receive a cash award of ¥ 300,000 (Japanese yen).

The official Twitter account of World Maker has already provided samples of the panels users can make through the service.

World Maker | © Shounen Jump


Source: World Maker via Twitter


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