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Junji Ito's 2009 sci-fi thriller 'Black Paradox' to release physical English edition in Fall 2022

February 18, 2022 at 11:06 PHT (GMT+8)

Written by: Jayson 'Jei' Beltrano

Black Paradox, the 2009 multi-chapter sci-fi thriller manga written by horror mangaka Junji Ito, will release its physical English edition this Fall 2022 under Viz Media.

The story follows four people who meet for a group suicide, but their attempt to die instead makes them aware of a bizarre phenomenon that could change the world.

The manga includes six chapters and two one-shot stories:

  1. Group Suicide

  2. A Strange Tale of the Pylorus

  3. Paradoxical Night

  4. Dr. Suka's Villa

  5. The Spirit World Project

  6. To The Dazzling Future

  7. The Licking Woman (one-shot)

  8. Mystery Pavillion (one-shot)


When four individuals, using the pseudonyms "Marisou", "Taborou", "Piitan", and "Baracchi" gather to commit suicide after meeting on a website called Black Paradox, they plan to go quickly and painlessly. However their plans seriously derail, as their first trip... isn't assembled properly, and their second attempt accidentally leads to the discovery of a doorway to another world, a world hosting precious stones. These stones are incredibly valuable and strong, and the riches they bring do a lot of good for the four's lives. However, their true nature becomes a pressing issue as more and more doors to the other world start to open and the Black Paradox four are forced to retrieve them...


Source: Viz Media


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