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Kirby Cafe brightens the season with its summer menu this July

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: July 1, 2021 at 7:00 PM PHT (GMT+8)

Nintendo’s iconic pink powerhouse brings summer flavors and refreshing vibes to Japan’s official Kirby Cafes starting July 1 until September 20 according to the establishment's official website. The café boasts a highly varied menu inspired by new game releases, events, or, in this case, the changing of seasons. As the summer heat hits the people, Kirby welcomes customers with a plethora of fun-filled treats. Check out the menu here!

Miss lunch by the sea? This bento box is like a beachside meal packed into an adorable souvenir container. The flavorful seafood yakisoba inside can instantly give you a summer-trip-by-the-ocean feel.

JPY 2,178

The Kirby Burger exudes cuteness with its pink buns reminiscent of the lovable hero. A citrusy and refreshing salad comes as a side to keep things light and apt for the summer.

JPY 1,518

Keep your energy up with this hearty and vibrant dish aptly named ‘stamina is full’ yakiniku pilaf by Chef Kawasaki.

JPY 1,738

Beat the heat with this energizing 'summer color jelly soda' that comes with a souvenir glass. The look alone screams summer fun! Mix the jelly and soda for a bubbling good time.

JPY 2,178

What about all the fun water activities vacationers typically engage in? Kirby and Waddle Dee have you covered with a colorful and lively banana boat dessert.

JPY 1,518

Candy fans can enjoy this dessert based on the game’s Gem Apples with a charming star-shaped platter.

JPY 1,738

Pancake lovers out there can also enjoy this pancake sandwich adorned with the fluffy hero’s face and a side of fresh berries. The dish also comes with a souvenir plate featuring the adorable characters in chef’s attire.

JPY 2,838

Kirby Café is based on the popular game series that started with “Kirby’s Dream Land” developed by HAL Laboratory and published by Nintendo. Currently, the café has two permanent locations: Tokyo and Hakata. Making a reservation prior to visiting is highly recommended and can be done here:



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