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Japanese man admits to murdering elderly parents for nurse-care interrupting his ‘anime-viewing’

Updated: Aug 3, 2021

Written by: Adrian Andulan | Published on: July 28, 2021 at 7:21 PM PHT (GMT+8)

Trigger warning: The following article will include mentions of murder, descriptions of crime scenes, and discussions on violent subject matters. Reader's discretion is advised.

Junji Matsumoto apprehended on July 5 (taken from The Tokyo Reporter)

A man from Fukuoka has admitted to murdering his parents after allegations arose when witnesses saw him fleeing the residence where the bodies of the parents were discovered.

In an article by the The Tokyo Reporter, the 59-year-old suspect, named Junji Matsumoto, has admitted to killing his father Hirokazu, 88-years-old, and mother Makie, 87-years-old, in their shared residence in Fukuoka City. Matsumoto was reported to have committed the crime because of the stress of providing nursing care to his parents, as well as when his parents kept interrupting his anime watching whenever they would ask for help. Hirokazu had been hospitalized after a bicycle accident. Both parents were wheelchair-bound and required nursing care.

"Every time my parents asked me to take care of them, I had trouble interrupting the anime I was watching. I can't stand it anymore."

These were the words reported to have been said by the subject, according to an article by Yomiuri Shimbum. According to investigators, Matsumoto murdered his parents on the night of June 21 when his father, Hirokazu, asked helped to go to the bathroom. The cause of death for Matsumoto's mother, Makie, remains undetermined. Hirokazu was allegedly murdered by strangulation with an electrical cord by Junji Matsumoto.

On June 23, witnesses had reported seeing Junji Matsumoto leave the Fukuoka residence. Authorities were contacted on July 28 after relatives were concerned with the lack of communication of the residents. A nationwide manhunt soon followed when Matsumoto was suspected with abandoning the corpses of Hirokazu and Makie. The bodies of the two were found in an industrial refrigerator that had been taped shut.

On July 5, around 9:00 am, Matsumoto was apprehended by authorities outside a hotel parking in Kyoto City. Matsumoto had been in police custody for nearly a month before he admitted to the allegations.



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