C3 AFA Hongkong 2020 cancelled due to ongoing protests

Updated: Jan 9

C3 AFA Hongkong 2020 anime convention has been cancelled due to Sozo being unable to guarantee the safety of attendees, guests, exhibitors and organizers amid the current "state of society" in Hong Kong as per the announcement of the official website of Sozo's C3 Anime Festival Asia last week. The announcement added that the company is already preparing for the next event in Hong Kong.

Since June of last year, protesters have been standing against an extradition bill that would have permitted the extradition of fugitives to mainland China, although the Hong Kong government has since withdraw the bill. The protesters have had increasingly violent clashes with the local police forces in the past half year, with the protesters alleging multiple claims of police brutality.

The convention's previous Hong Kong event took place last February 2019.

Source: C3 AFA Hong Kong website


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