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My Hero Academia S5 Episode 2: Season's Looking Spicy

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: April 5, 2021

Emotional soba night, secret meetings, and surprising revelations!

Deku Dreaming



Endeavor leaves the hospital and heads straight home for an emotional family dinner. Hawks, the number two hero, meets up with a dubious character. Back in U.A., Deku has strange dreams about One for All.

Sad Soba Night?

Family dinner at the Todoroki household is far from the usual given their painful history. Enji Todoroki, also known as the number one hero Endeavor, has a ton of making up to do and it shows. This sequence is a lowkey tear-jerker since it highlights the pain of a broken family but not every bit of it is sad! Initially, anger and resentment fill the atmosphere but after letting those emotions out, reconciliation and hope slowly creep in. Also, props Fuyumi (the only daughter) for being the lowkey MVP of the family since she constantly tries to bring them together. As a bonus, Shoto has a brilliant and hilarious burn on Endeavor’s new scar.

Secret Secret

Hawks fronts himself as a decent and straightforward person but it seems like there are many secrets ruffled in his feathers. The shady meeting with an actual villain initially makes this handsome hero easily detestable but all the secrecy has purpose. It’s great to see characters with more depth and multiple layers in the series! Definitely keep an eye on Hawks (even if he’s too fast).


Present Meets the Past

The immense power inside Izuku Midoriya is acting up. Or maybe it is reacting to him? Deku dreams of unfamiliar people but he realizes that they are the previous holders of One for All. The dream takes a deep dive into the past as Deku meets the original owner of the quirk standing opposite a familiar powerful and evil villain. This entire sequence is fantastic as viewers finally have chance to learn more about All for One and its origins. It also seems like there will be a plethora of revelations to come in the season (hopefully)!

Omega Villainous