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My Hero Academia S5 Episode 3: 1-A versus 1-B Rivalry Returns

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: April 12, 2021

The students are back at their training and now Class 1-A matches up against Class 1-B for five simulated fights!

Beautiful Shot



Izuku Midoriya speaks with All Might about his recent dreams of Vestiges. The fiery rivalry between class 1-A and 1-B is rekindled as they face each other in simulated battles!

Approaching the Singularity

After a mysterious dream involving the previous holders of One for All, Izuku Midoriya has a good talk with All Might. During the dream, the original owner of the quirk mentioned something about approaching the Singularity. All Might thinks this could refer to the Quirk Singularity Doomsday Theory which suggests that at some point in time Quirks will become too overpowered, complicated, and uncontrollable. Sounds like they’re talking about the end times here and it’s lowkey freaky.

Good Old Exploding Blood Cough

Surprise Addition

An aspiring hero wants to transfer to the hero course from the normal course! Hitoshi Shinso, known for his brainwashing quirk, shows up looking like a Aizawa-sensei’s disciple and joins the two classes in their simulated battles. It’s great to see this guy joining the cast again!

Same Energy?

Place Your Bets!

It’s easy to forget that the protagonists of this show are actually still students in a high school and that there are other students in the same institution. But now, viewers have a chance to witness a classic class versus class brawl as the rivalry between 1-A and 1-B heats up! Also, it’s wonderful to see the small differences in the students’ updated costumes. Lastly, as a bonus, Vlad’s enthusiasm with the event is actually quite funny.

Drawing Lots


Little Jealous?

Author's Rating: 7.9/10

There was some exciting build-up for the upcoming battles between 1-A and 1-B in this episode. Of course, the little bit about Singularity was intriguing, although a bit disconcerting, but that will probably be tackled at a later time. For now, fans eagerly await the class versus class battles! Viewers might have a bias for class 1-A but the students from 1-B also had their own time to get omega strong so it’ll be interesting to see how the battles turn out. Lastly, Shinso attempting to transfer to the hero course was a fantastic continuation of his character’s arc. On top of good character development, it’s also important to remember that Shinso was somehow related to the first time Midoriya saw the Vestiges. What will happen this time around as they face each other once more?

Finally, the students get to combat other students (and not some ridiculously overpowered villains)! How will the five matches go? What kind of tricks does Shinso have up his sleeve/bandages? Who will win the first match? Find out next week!


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