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New manga series about 'forensic veterinary mystery' starts in Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine

Written by: Jayson Beltrano

Published on: January 19, 2022 at 15:23 PHT (GMT+8)

"A forensic veterinary mystery that seeks the lives of animals."

A new Japanese manga series about forensic veterinary mystery has been serialized today, January 19, in the eighth issue of this year's Shogakukan's Weekly Shonen Sunday Magazine. The release is in the Japanese language.

Last Medical Record - Memory of Touma Kensho, a Forensic Veterinarian / ©Asayama Wakabi, SHOGAKUKAN

The series is titled “Last Medical Record - Memory of Touma Kensho, a Forensic Veterinarian (Rasuto karute-hō jūi gakusha Tōma Ken Takumi - tō maken shou - no kioku)” and is created by Asayama Wakabi, the same author of the “Brainwash Butler” manga series.

The main character of the story is Kensho Touma, an ordinary high school student who has a good memory but is worried about his future dreams and career path. One day, Touma sees a crow's corpse in a park and finds a classmate, Shishido Sousuke, among the veterinarians who appear there. And by being involved in the case, Toma will demonstrate a certain ability .... It is a forensic veterinary mystery that "stares" at the lives of animals.


Source: Shogakukan


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