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Otherside Picnic Ep 8: Cats - from Cute to Killer.

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: February 24, 2021

A sneaky and dangerous bunch of creatures stalk the dynamic duo and their new friend… Ninja cats!

Freaky Feline



A troubled lady approaches Sorao for help regarding a supernatural problem. After talking it over with Toriko, the dynamic duo decides to help their new friend out. Before they even start looking for solutions the trouble finds them.

Newfound Friend

Akari Seto

Sorao seems to have a reputation for dealing with supernatural issues; strange since the duo typically keep to themselves. Akari Seto knows about Sorao’s ‘expertise’ and seeks help. This new companion has been repeatedly harassed by mystical ninja cats. Yes, that’s right, ninja cats. The new character adds a great new dynamic to the current roster! She has a strong personality backed by fantastic skills in karate. On top of her kicking capabilities and determined will, her connection to Sorao and Toriko is much deeper and more interesting!

Atypical Cats

Almost Feels Like a Naruto Filler Arc

The very real ninja cats are after Akari Seto. They are entities of the Otherside but, upon Sorao’s checking, are also actually cats. (lowkey confusing). Furthermore, the three ladies unwittingly cross over but, instead of the usual grassy fields, they end up in a peculiar city for cats (does this mean these ninjas are from the Village of the Hidden Cats?). This is incredibly bizarre. On top of the strange circumstances, these cats turn into straight up ninja fighters complete with fancy moves, appropriate costumes, dangerous armaments, and killer intent. It’s funny to think that their cute paws can effectively use weapons.

Fist/Paw Fight!


The animation becomes slightly different for a brief moment in this episode. The ninja cats eventually corner Seto, Toriko, and Sorao. The Karate-trained Seto proves to be incredibly skilled and prepared for attacks. And so, she ends up duking it out with a ninja cat. For a few seconds the animation becomes extra smooth and action-packed! Props to LIDENFILMs and FelixFilm for this happy surprise.



Kozakura's Defense System

Author's Rating: 6.7/10

The episode was entertaining especially for feline fans. The new addition to the group was refreshing. Her cool personality paired with killer karate was great! The ninja cats were cute and fun but not exactly deadly or threatening. The brief fight scene was surprisingly wild and offered a decent break from the typical action expected of this series. The issue with the ninja cats was omega confusing and random (which seems to be the overall theme of the show).

Unfortunately, the story felt condensed and the resolution at the end was rushed again. Seeing a bit more of the cat city would have been nice but viewers could only get a brief glimpse. The new environment had so much promise and mystery! On a more positive note, the premise, although bizarre, was quite interesting. Additionally, the revelation by Seto at the end was awesome as it offered more clues and opened up new questions.

What will the lovely heroines do with their new clue about Satsuki? Will Seto join them for future adventures? What new dangers will creep from the Otherside? Will there even be time for a picnic? Find out next week!

How do you find the series so far? Let us know in the comments!


Official Anime Website: Otherside Picnic

Official Anime Twitter: @OthersidePicnic

Otherside Picnic is available for streaming on Ani-One Asia every Monday 23:30 PST


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