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Otherside Picnic - Episode 4 [EP Review]

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: January 27, 2021

Sorao and Toriko typically cross to the Otherside but what happens when the reverse happens? The ladies face a difficult situation ahead as the Otherside bares its fangs!

Strange Old Man



A brief quarrel about the Otherside pushes Toriko to go back on her own. An apologetic Sorao seeks Kozakura’s help to find Toriko after a series of bizarre phenomena. Despite Kozakura’s reluctance, they are both forced into the Otherside after being visited by strange beings. With no other choice, the two ladies search for Toriko.

Phenomena Galore

Strange Indeed

This episode is full of strange happenings. From the mysterious old man at the beginning to the ghost town filled with plants towards the end, the elements are becoming weirder and, honestly, more confusing. However, all these new developments make the story even more enticing. The little details about the phenomena in this episode build on the creepy sci-fi vibe of the entire show. Things are ramping up!

Kozakura in Action

Cutie with a Shotty

Finally, the compact cutie is out of the house and joins the adventure! Kozakura, although reluctant at first, ends up joining (against her will) Sorao to find Toriko in the Otherside. Fieldwork does not suit her but she’s ready to fight with her trusty shotty in hand. She defintely adds some extra fun to the dynamic between characters.

Character Backstories

About the Past

Apart from the plethora of events, both Sorao and Toriko’s backgrounds become a bit clearer this episode. Sorao’s story is quite intriguing, albeit a bit dark, but she plays it off as something normal (which it is not). Toriko’s past explains her boldness, courage, and ability to use guns. They share some similarities in their past which definitely contributes to such a tight bond.

Mind Unraveling


Toriko mentions that she is close understanding what the beings from the Otherside want. She explains that fear is the only medium that these strange beings can use to contact humans. As she understands more, her mind unravels. Confusing? Yes!


Note: Confused? Want a little extra flavor about the anime? Check out this file for a brief breakdown and clarification of what happened in this episode. First-time viewers beware: this discussion contains spoilers about the episode.

Episode 4 Extra
Download PDF • 169KB


Alternative to the Old Man

Author's Rating: 7/10

Overall, this episode was entertaining but also felt rushed. Some viewers were slightly confused by the episode and that is completely understandable since some explanations and sequences happened very quickly. There were also some questionable elements to the story. For example, Toriko, who usually leans more toward functional wear, was in a gorgeous white dress while in the Otherside. As beautiful as she was, that seemed a bit out of character.

As an episode of a series, this was fun. But as an adaptation, this episode was lacking. Many scenes and explanations were glossed over thereby contributing to the confusion of some viewers. The details that were omitted could have made the story feel more frightening, thrilling, and engaging. Sadly, the vibe of the source material was not completely adapted.

On a more positive note, this episode brought the mystery and light horror themes to the forefront. The encounters with the old man and the three strangers were incredibly creepy! Additionally, the concept of the Otherside just became even more mind-boggling (headache-inducing even). The explanation of using fear to connect with human beings was very interesting and added an extra sprinkle of psychological horror to the show. This episode answered a few questions about the Otherside but it also generated more questions. Apart from the intriguing scenarios, the characters also became more lovable. Kozakura, scientifically certified as a scaredy cat, was extra likable as she trudged through the marsh with her messy hair, white shirt, slippers, and pump-action shotgun!


Official Anime Website: Otherside Picnic

Official Anime Twitter: @OthersidePicnic

Otherside Picnic is available for streaming on Ani-One Asia every Monday 23:30 PST


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