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Otherside Picnic FINALE Episode 12: Unstoppable Duo

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: March 24, 2021

Sorao and Toriko are unstoppable as long as they stay together. Mysteries and more mysteries await!

So Close



The Girls and the American soldiers reach the end of their road trip! However, a vile creature stands between them and their way home. After the rescue operation, Sorao and Toriko share a moment on the Otherside.

Final Boss

She's Bad News

A horrific creature, the Kankandara (based on an urban legend), prevents the American soldiers from going home! Sorao and Toriko prove their mettle and face the beast. The monster, disguised as a woman, initially seems harmless up until its terrifying transformation into a nightmarish blob of evil that lets out disorienting sounds. It actually tries to frighten Sorao into looking away but this brave heroine stands her ground! Meanwhile, Toriko gets something gigantic and literally smashes into their fiendish foe. Interesting strategy. Their enemy got a taste of truck-kun. After a quick celebration, the Americans finally head home.

Tractor Trouble

Pouty Face

Ever made a drunken purchase? Well, a drunken Sorao and Toriko bought a tractor (called AP-1 and supposedly an all-purpose vehicle) for use on the Otherside and had it shipped to Kozakura’s house. Yeah, it’s ridiculous. Now, the duo struggles to find a gateway near enough for transporting the tractor lest the face the wrath of the enraged homeowner. The whole dilemma is hilarious!

The Feels?

Find Someone That Looks at You Like This

After everything that’s happened, Sorao and Toriko finally have a quiet moment while in the strange world. The two have a highly suggestive conversation but nothing definitive comes out. Sad. Throughout the series the chemistry is evident and the unspoken attraction is undeniable but even now, as the series ends, fans are left with just a few crumbs to go on.

Good Vibes

Is this the Picnic?

A fantastic new song, performed by rionos, plays toward the end as viewers catch glimpses of the Otherside’s oddly serene scenery one last time. This entire sequence is calming and peaceful (in contrast the typically tumultuous events that go on); definitely a fitting goodbye. The four ladies, Sorao, Toriko, Kozakura, and Akari, go out for a buffet to close it all and the atmosphere is fun and enjoyable. They will be missed!




Author's Rating: 6.7/10

The final episode had a bit of action, some emotional sharing, and lighthearted fun. The rescue’s climax was exciting and it’s 100% success was heartwarming. The tractor issue was funny and Kozakura provided that extra kick of entertainment (as she usually does). Sorao and Toriko’s conversation was sweet and almost romance-y but not quite. That song and scenery sequence was amazing! That whole portion hit up all the nostalgia feels. And finally, the meal at the end was an excellent way to keep things light and joyful.

As a last episode, this was definitely entertaining but there was a lot of missing closure. What happened to Satsuki? What about the ever-present but never-realized feelings between Sorao and Toriko? The story’s premise was amazing but it also felt like a lure into a series riddled with elements that were “almost”. The romance was almost true but never quite real. The light horror was almost terrific but it always fell short. The residents of the Otherside were almost incredible but they seemed shallow. Encounters were almost terrifying but the danger felt non-existent. Everything about this series had potential but it felt like most things stopped right before the potential was actualized. A little more focus on a specific element could have brought this series to new heights.

On a more positive side, the mysterious aspects — especially the use of urban legends — were fun and intriguing. The characters were lovable and had great chemistry. Sorao and Toriko proved to be an impressive dynamic duo and viewers definitely wanted more from them. Kozakura always provided a humorous and cute element to it all; she’s definitely becoming a fan-favorite. Akari, although late to the show, added a decent bit of energy and spunk to the cast. These characters definitely need more time together!

Sadly, the series has ended. Will there be a next season? Viewers are hoping for more time with the characters and a well-presented plot for next time. Check out the official website and Twitter below for more news and tidbits about the series! What are your thoughts on the series? Let us know in the comments below. See you next time on the Otherside!


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Otherside Picnic is available for streaming on Ani-One Asia!