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Philippine live-action adaptation 'Voltes V: Legacy' reveals actors to play Steve and Jamie's role

Written by: Jerome P. Villanueva of Voltes V The Documentary

Published on: February 10, 2021 at 8:37 PM PHT (GMT+8)

Completing the quintet of Voltes ensemble, Philippine television giant GMA Network has unveiled the actors that will give life to Steve Armstrong and Jamie Robinson in the historic live action series titled “Voltes V: Legacy”.

Miguel Tanfelix will play the role of Voltes team leader Steve and Ysabel Ortega for the role of Volt Lander pilot Jamie, according to a report by GMA 7’s flagship newscast 24 Oras.

The TV giant acquired the rights to air a live action remake of the 1970s-hit mecha series “Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V,” a property of Japanese media conglomerate Toei Company, Ltd. The rights acquisition of GMA was facilitated through Toei’s Philippine licensing agent Telesuccess Productions, Inc.

GMA acquired the rights to air a live action remake of the iconic 1977 anime series “Voltes V,” which was owned by Japan-based Toei Company, Ltd. The rights acquisition was facilitated by Toei’s Philippine licensor Telesuccess Productions, Inc.

In the 24 Oras report, Tanfelix said he is ready to portray the biggest role in his entire 17-year career in the entertainment industry that dates back during his child actor years.

"Ang sarap sa pakiramdam parang ako nasa cloud 9 at tuwing gigising ako sa umaga, I'm so pumped eh, (It's a great feeling, it feels I'm in a 'cloud nine', and everytime I wake up, I'm so pumped.),” the 22-year-old actor said. “Ang dami ko kailangang ma-achieve, kailangang ang daming matutunan about myself and about my character. Everyday feels like a new day for me, simula nu’ng nalaman ko ako si Steve ng Voltes V. (I have so many things to achieve, and so much to learn about myself and about my character. Everyday feels like a new day for me since I knew I'll be playing the role of Voltes V's Steve.)"

Tanfelix said he was preparing for this role for about a year now, stating he was readying his mental, physical and emotional state by reading books and listening to podcasts about leadership.

"Babalik iyong pagkabata ninyo maaalala ninyo 'yung moments ninyo habang pinapanuod ang Voltes V at ka-henerasyon ko ngayon ipaparanas namin kung ano nararamdaman ng nanay, tatay ninyo habang pinapanood ang Voltes V with a different flavor, paparamdam namin sa inyo iyong lungkot, saya, epicness at maraming iba, (Your childhood will be come again, you'll remember the moments while you were watching Voltes V and to the new generation, we will let you feel what your parents were feeling while watching Voltes V with a different flavor, we will make you feel sad, joyful, the epicness and more.)" Tanfelix said.

Tanfelix is the network’s home-grown talent under its talent arm GMA Artist Center. At the age of 5, he started his entertainment career as a finalist in GMA’s talent search “StarStruck Kids. “

He is known for the role as Pagaspas in the GMA hit fantasy series “Mulawin.” Tanfelix is also known for the following programs: Once Upon A Kiss” (2016), “Wish I May” (2016), “Niño” (2014), “Mulawin vs. Ravena” (2017), “Sahaya” (2019), and “Kambal, Karibal” (2019).

In the anime series, Steve Armstrong (Kenichi Go [剛健一] in Japan) is the leader of the Voltes team and the eldest of the three Armstrong brothers. Steve’s mastery is target pistol shooting and motorbiking.

According to the Toei-licensed “Voltes V: Declassified” book, “he has always been the serios one and is dedicated to the mission of defending the Earth from the Boazanian invaders. He keeps the rest of the team in check, acting like a big brother to everybody. He wants nothing else than to be reunited with this father.”

Meanwhile, Ortega, who will play the sole female member of the Voltes team, is one of the many Jamie aspirants who auditioned for the role.

Ortega’s audition videos were shown in the 24 Oras report. She said she was preparing for the role even in the time of pandemic. "Even before na mag-start pa 'yung official training namin gusto ko na magkaroon man lang ng konting background sa martial arts sa kick boxing sa muay thai so I can say na now I’m more than ready, (Even before our official training started, I'd like to have somehow a background in martial arts, in kick boxing, in muay thai, so I can say now I'm more than ready,)” Ortega said.

She noted that this is the biggest break in her entire career.

"Voltes V has a lot of meaning to its story. It’s not just about family. It’s not just about fighting for what you believe in its about serving your country. It’s about being a hero in your own way and I would like to be in that position to inspire a lot of people," Ortega said.

Ortega is the daughter of Filipina actress Michelle Ortega and Filipino action star-turned-politician Lito Lapid. Ortega was known for playing the main antagonist and villain Charlotte Quiñones in Pusong Ligaw (2017) of TV network ABS-CBN. She also worked in the following programs: On the Wings of Love (2015), Born for You (2016) and The Gift (2019).

In the mecha series, Jamie Robinson (Megumi Oka [岡めぐみ] in Japan) is the 18th heir of the Koga ninja art and the daughter of Earth International Defense Commander Robinson. She is the pilot of Volt Lander, Voltes V’s feet.

According to the “Voltes V: Declassified” book, “Being taught at an early age about the art of Ninjitsu, Jamie is already an exceptional martial arts expert at a very young age. She was also exposed to the ways of west due to her father’s position as head of the defense forces. Growing up with the strict discipline that accompanied her training as a ninja, Jamie has learned to be strong in the face of tragedy often serving as an arbitrator between Steve and Mark.”

Last Monday, GMA has revealed the following Filipino actors and their respective roles namely Radson Flores as Mark Gordon (Ippei Mine [峰一平] in Japan), Matt Lozano as Big Bert Armstrong (Daijiro Go [剛大次] in Japan) and Raphael Landicho as Little Jon Armstrong (Hiyoshi Go [剛日吉] in Japan).

GMA is set to reveal the actors who will play Prince Zardoz (Prince Heinel [プリンス・ハイネル] in Japan) and Zandra (Ri Katherine [リー・カザリーン]in Japan).

In a PEP.PH interview, Voltes V Legacy creative director Aloy Adlawan revealed that the cast has been doing script readings in the past months.

In 2020, several aspirants and actors auditioned for the various roles of the historic live action project.

Voltes V: Legacy is the first live action remake based on the anime series created by Toei Company, Ltd. The project is handled by GMA Entertainment headed by GMA resident director Mark A. Reyes V and GMA senior program manager Helen Sese. The show is licensed and approved by Toei through Telesuccess.

GMA has assured that all scripts, additional characters, expanded universe and the creation of a Boazanian language has been reviewed and approved by Japan’s Toei prior to the project’s production proper.

GMA has yet to reveal its air date.


Written by Jerome P. Villanueva (@JmPVillanueva - Instagram and Twitter).

For corrections, suggestions, and news tips, kindly email the author at or message our Facebook page IF YOU WISH TO USE THE ARTICLE OR REPUBLISH THE ARTICLE, STRICTLY INFORM/CONTACT THE AUTHOR. Let's practice responsible journalism and ethical reportage.

📷 Photos Courtesy of GMA Network, Inc., Mark Reyes' Instagram and Jerome Villanueva of Voltes V The Documentary.


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