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POPTV: Bringing More Anime Content Closer to Filipinos

Written by: Franz Rivera | Published on: Dec. 16, 2020

Nowadays, anime is undoubtedly one of the best forms of entertainment that emerged around early 80’s and has been continuously changing and shaping the lifestyle of people worldwide particularly the youth and the young at heart. The anime industry has surprisingly dominated the market in all forms including broadcasting, advertising, production, marketing, and even in education and public service. With audiences of almost all ages and gender growing at a fast rate, the market is rigorously responding to the demand of these people using the modern technology present in today’s generation. But behind the growth of the anime industry, not all countries are coping up with the trend.

The Philippines in particular has one of the highest anime fanbase in Asia and worldwide. But even with the recognition, the country is still struggling with the industry’s demand in anime. Even though there are various streaming platforms who offers services of procured anime content, it is still not enough to suffice the demand of the people of the latest and updated seasonal anime titles. Moreover, the services being offered by the currently available streaming platforms in the Philippines are too costly for the target audience and even if these people have the access, the contents are mostly outdated and limited due to strict implementations and region restrictions of these platforms. This prompts the people to find another source of this content in an alternative medium or worse, by accessing illegal sites and platforms just to stream their favorite titles.

As an adverse effect of having no access to streaming platforms outside the Philippines where the anime library is enormous and up-to-date, rampant piracy and illegal streaming sites hosted by international entities thrive to take advantage to this demand. With the current anti-piracy law and its implementation being in a soft ground, the world is still far from eradicating this problem.

However, there are many solutions to resolve this growing issue. Creating platforms where the demand in content can be served and services that are affordable and accessible to everyone can greatly contribute to satisfy this demand and lessen the people opting for illegal streaming. Platforms that will hear the audience’s voices and support the rise of the anime industry in the country are much needed to protect the whole anime industry from falling.

POPTV, the newest video-on-demand streaming platform in the Philippines proudly embraces its mission of providing more anime and Japanese related content to Filipino fans, bringing it closer to their hearts by adding a Filipino-touch by dubbing the content in the local language. The platform will also be offering the content in its original language to accommodate all types of fans who are used to watch with subtitles.

“We understand the demand for anime content in the Philippines and POPTV will play the role of not only bringing sought after anime titles but even localizing it for the appreciation of all Filipino audiences. POPTV in Philippines has created an experience designed very specifically for Filipinos. Our partnership with AniRadio+ will also help us get the right feedback from all the Filipino anime fans to help serve them even better.”

- Jyotirmoy Saha, POPTV Founder and CEO

The company is not new in catering to Filipino anime fans and for supporting the Filipino animation industry as a whole. Aside from co-producing award-winning children animations such as “George of the Jungle,” “Tilda Appleseed,” and recently “Dino Girl Gauko” which aired on Netflix, the same group of partners behind POPTV produced the first Filipino anime series to air on Philippine free-to-air television, “Barangay 143,” which will premiere its second season on POPTV beginning this December 12.

“We have been in the business of animation for several years and it had been our dream to produce anime that we can call our own thus, ‘Barangay 143’ was born in 2018. We are very thankful for the warm response we have received and POPTV is one of our ways of showing our gratitude to them. Together let us celebrate Filipinos love for anime content."

- Jackeline Chua, POP TV COO

POPTV Philippines is a private company founded way back 2015 with its headquarters based in Singapore. With its subscription-based platform being offered exclusively in the Philippines, POPTV carries the tagline of “Ito ang Bagong Sine” which redefines entertainment with its service of offering to its Filipino audience a new cinema experience right at the comfort of their home in the palm of their hand.

Apart from Japanese-related and anime content, POPTV also offers a wide array of local content that includes blockbuster movies, indie film, classics, Tagalized international content from different countries all over the world.

To date, POPTV has been procuring content from local producers such as ABS-CBN, Viva Films, Regal Films, TBA Studios and international producers in Asia including JTBC, SBS, CJ Entertainment of Korea, GDH and GMMTV of Thailand and Medialink of Hong Kong.

For a very affordable subscription price of P49 for 3 months (introductory price until Dec 31, 2020), people can enjoy all-access streaming to POPTV’s growing library with the assurance of quality service and performance. The application which is available for download via Google Play and Apple Store boasts a remarkably flawless content security which has a highly secure file encryption and DRM authenticated only through subscription. The application disables any form of screen recording preventing piracy.

This appreciative move by POPTV in the local market will pave way for people to not just to be entertained but also to be fulfilled and satisfied as they can start watching their favorite contents lawfully and worry-free without breaking the bank. This is also a great way to introduce the creation of a boundless environment where everyone supports each other’s mission on fighting against piracy for the rise of anime streaming in the Philippines.

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