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Re: Zero -Starting Life in Another World Season 2 Part 2 - Episode 1 [EP Review]

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

After being split thanks to the pandemic Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World Season 2 Part 2 finally returns. With a fresh new attitude, Subaru seems ready to face the unbeatable challenges of the first half. But will he succeed?

Minor spoilers ahead! You have been warned!

“Spit out all those knots!”

The last season of Re:ZERO left audiences in shock to the twists that lead to another cycle of painful resurrection for Subaru. While the first part of the second season was a psychological mess of betrayals, the second half seems ready to take another hopeful turn with Subaru’s new attitude from the lessons of the past resets.

It’s quintessentially Re:ZERO, focused more on the character lessons and its major themes more so than the story narratives. And this half of the season seems dedicated to exploring “the power of friendship”, so common in anime yet something that Re:ZERO could no doubt tackle with greater nuance. It solidifies its moral in the very first few minutes. To trust others and have the courage to seek help when needed. To accept limitations, and seek better ways to overcome them. To not fall into despair, but find the hand in front of you and grab it. Like the abundance of sunsets in the episode, there’s the hope that this could mean a step forward for Subaru, both in character development and to the story.

“Let’s make a bet”

Of course, it’s the promise of resolution to the twists and turns that will be more exciting. Ever since it was revealed just who the mastermind is behind the deadly attacks in Subaru’s previous resets, there’s an excitement to seeing whether Subaru could surpass the challenge he was faced. Plots and plans are abounding as Subaru faces the mastermind with a clear challenge, ready to take the future he wants. The desire to have all happy endings promises a difficult road ahead (and was described by one character as “sheer greed”). And the more difficult it is for Subaru, the more exciting things get for the audience.

“I know just about everything about you.”

Then exposition hits. Unveiling the necessary context for the world of Re:ZERO has always the more difficult parts to sit through. While they are no doubt interesting and can be engaging when explored, Re:ZERO has always furloughed that with a heavier focus on the themes, Subaru’s character, and the multiple moments it deconstructs tropes. This episode does slow down a bit, but it’s all in service of revealing more twists that could no doubt mean greater complications for the future or a showcase of Subaru’s developing maturity. Either way, it would no doubt be unexpected.

“Once tomorrow comes, you’ll be fine.”

But the real surprise is Emilia. Emilia is finally given character development beyond just being Subaru’s love interest, something that many anime-only fans have complained about. She gets fleshed out more, insight into who she is and how she feels is unveiled. There’s suffering in her past, something already hinted by the previous seasons. But there’s the newest glimpse that it was also more than just tragedy. A complicated history is Emilia’s greatest enemy and could become the biggest struggle to overcome. And even as she is now, tragedy isn’t ready to let go of her yet. Will she be able to break free from what chains her? Will Subaru be able to give her the strength she will need?

“I believe in you”

One more final tidbit to enjoy in this episode, for those who ship Emilia and Subaru, is that there is definitely growth between them. More than just the close and reliable friend, there is a growing warmth between them. Emilia isn’t any closer to viewing Subaru the way he does her, but it’s very clear that it’s on its way. If you are Team Emilia, then you will definitely enjoy the soft and tender moments it has

In conclusion, Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World Season 2 Part 2 is the upbeat first episode we all need. While Re:ZERO will undoubtedly unleash the darkness it is known for, this small moment of sunshine will definitely get you hyped up for more.

Re: Zero-Starting Life in Another World Season 2 Part 2 Episode 40 will be released Wednesday, 13 of January 2021 at 10:30 PM (JST).


Excited for the next episode? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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Jan 09, 2021

i have not seen the anime/manga series yet but despite the spoilers i enjoyed your review. The character development seems beautiful, guess I have a new series to watch haha


Cathy Almerino
Cathy Almerino
Jan 09, 2021

I have been confused since the very first episode of season 2, no cap. But this review made me understand complicated things in this anime. Thank you!


Great review. I'm so excited for the next episode uwu🥺😍

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