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Relax in Studio Ghibli fashion as a new line of loungewear arrives this summer!

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: June 24, 2021 at 4:45 PM PHT (GMT+8)

Loungewear with Studio Ghibli flare! The animation powerhouse is famous for its wonderful art style and incredibly imaginative mix of worlds and characters. The studio is also known for their colorful, deep, and powerfully independent female leads. Now, fans can celebrate their favorite characters in style with a new line of loungewear based on some of the studio’s most iconic leading ladies.

Benelic Co., Ltd. will release the loungewear collection under the Studio Ghibli merchandise shop Donguri Kyowakoku. The line features gorgeous colors reminiscent of the studio’s palate and a simple, but eye-catching design. One look and you will immediately realize how comfortable and fun the dresses look with each going for JPY 8,580 (USD 78). Now you can look fantastic, Ghibli-esque, and cozy while relaxing or even working from home!

This first piece oozes with comfort and coziness with its soft blue hue whose design is based on Sheeta, the heroine from Laputa: Castle in the Sky. Fans will immediately notice the delicately embroidered Levistone just below the neckline. For added snuggly feels, the dress has a hood with an adorable fox-squirrel-type critter hiding underneath.

Are you a fan of Kiki’s Delivery Service? Well, this dress offers a nearly identical look to Kiki’s outfit (minus the broomstick). The breezy dress floats just above the ankles and a dainty red bow at the back completes — and definitely sells —the look. Grab your broomsticks and start training as a witch!

From a deep blue to a bright and lively red, the next dress is inspired by The Secret World of Arriety with hems designed to recreate her cute bedsheet patterns. A closer look at the sleeve reveals an adorable little detail: an embroidered Arriety! Carry her around as you lounge about in this energetic yet comfortable look. This outfit has a matching scrunchie in a brilliant shade of orange accented with bright flowers to help spice up your look at JPY 1430 (USD 13.01) per piece.

Someday soon you might end up traveling while wearing the pieces above, so why not bring a matching pouch for your small items? The new collection will also include these small pouches, at JPY 2,530 (USD 23) each, perfect for a few nights at your favorite Airbnb, beach, or even at a friend’s house!

Starting June 26, these goods will be available for purchase at the Donguri Closet in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture, at any Donguri Kyowakoku, or through their website. Check out the line and other merchandise on their Instagram!


Sources: SoraNews24 , prtimes


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