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'SELECTION PROJECT', new idol anime releases new PV for upcoming release

Written by: Adrian Andulan

Published on: September 10, 2021 at 15:00 PHT (GMT+8)

An upcoming idol anime, titled "SELECTION PROJECT" has released the latest trailer before it's upcoming release on October 1, 2021.

The promotional video includes new scenes in the anime, and the cast members for the characters. Along with the trailer was a preview of the OP for the anime called "Glorious Days" which will be sung by the cast members of the series. The anime is set to broadcast in Japan on October 1, and will be featured in different TV stations including Tokyo MX, KBS Kyoto, BS11, etc.

The story of the anime is all about Suzune Miyama as she tries to fight for her dreams as an idol. As her junior high school comes closer to ending, she decides to pursue her dream by joining the "Selection Project", a national competition held every summer looking for the newest star. Suzune Miyama has been dreaming to become like the idol that inspired her, Akari Amazawa. But she must strive to be chosen out of thousands of candidates. Along side her are other girls who are also vying for a spot on the competition, with their stories and struggles brought to the forefront.

The series is animated by the animation studio Doga Kobo, with CG production by Dandelion. Hiramaka Daisuke will be directing, and Takahashi Yuya will be responsble for writing and series composition. Hirayama Kanna will provide the character designs and Kisara Yohei will be music producer.

The list of cast members that will play the characters are:

  • Hinaiki Yano playing Suzune Miyama

  • Saku Mizuno playing Reina Hananoi

  • Nozomi Nagumo playing Hiromi Hamaguri

  • Arai Ruri playing Imano Nagisaki

  • Youmiya Hina playing Yagino Tsuchika

  • Yuka Iwahashi playing Aioi Yodogawa

  • Mizuna Shirakawa playing Shi Koizumi

  • Miharu Hanai playing Shiori Yamaga

  • Shino Shimoji playing Mako Toma

  • Saori Onishi playing Kurusu Seira

  • Ono Daisuke playing Panda Sumi

  • Saori Hayami playing Tou Amasawa

To celebrate the upcoming release, a live broadcast of the anime will be held on September 26 on the official YouTube channel for the anime, as well as a channel on NicoNico called "Selection Project Channel". The first part of the broadcast will be available to all, while only memebers of the NicoNico channel will have access to the second part.



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