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Shaman King Episode 3: Awaken my spirits!

Anna brings her A game this episode!

As teased in last week’s episode…Best Girl (and Waifu) Anna has made her iconic and sassy entrance! Yoh, who is still recovering from his duel with Ren, is not at all delighted to see his feisty fiancé, and less so when she puts him under her intensive shaman king training course. But that’s just the charm of Anna and also why fans still adore her so much to this day and in this remake.

Speaking of badass female characters, Yoh, Manta, and Anna encounter the shaman Tao Jun (voiced by Michiko Neya), who has come to seize Amidamaru from Yoh, after her brother Ren failed to do so. Through the mystical power of her talismans, she controls the spirit of Lee Pyron