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So I'm a Spider, So what? Ep 10: Tragedies and Taratects

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: March 14, 2021

Is a nightmarish taratect from the past connected to all the trouble in the present?

Nightmare of the Labyrinth



Schlain meets up with the rest of his family for a devastating discussion on recent events. The recent attack from the demon armies left most of the human fortresses in shambles. After the battle, Ronandt, the greatest human mage, recounts his encounter with a nightmarish taratect in the Great Elroe Labyrinth 15 years ago.

Analeit Family Meeting

The title of Hero now belongs to Schlain. Unfortunately, this suggests the demise of the previous holder Julius. The Analeit family mourns briefly and discusses the next few necessary steps given the looming threat of demon armies. They eventually learn that a Queen Taratect is responsible for obliterating the human forces in Fort Kusorion (where the previous hero was stationed). Sad. Looks like Schlain’s got some huge shoes to fill!

The Nightmare of the Labyrinth

Ronandt, also known as the greatest human mage, defends his fortress against the demon army (the only real success against the recent attack). The old man remembers his encounter with a powerful taratect 15 years prior. A scouting party is sent to the Great Elroe Labyrinth to investigate a bizarre phenomenon: monsters are fleeing from the place! While exploring, they encounter a taratect’s home (made of sticky threads) and proceed to burn the webs. An angry spider, specifically a Zoa Ele, shows up. This taratect is ridiculously powerful and has an absurd number of skills including wisdom. Sounds familiar? Definitely. The humans are no match against this monster! After the flashback (which takes most of the episode), Ronandt hypothesizes that this same Nightmare of the Labyrinth is involved with the demon armies’ attacks. Exciting stuff!


Max Taboo

After a brief fight with some humans *cough cough*, Kumoko gains enough experience to evolve into an Ede Saine (described as the symbol of death). She accepts the evolution and her taboo level maxes out; something she did not want to happen. Viewers will have to wait until the next episode to see what her new evolution looks like!

Good News or Bad News?


Aftermath of Demon Attack

Author's Rating: 7.6/10

This episode was intriguing and entertaining! The mournful first half was a bit draggy but it was interesting to see the rest of the Analeit family (although not much was revealed about them). Rondandt’s story provided the most excitement! It seemed like taratect in the flashback was the spider heroine and seeing her from a human’s perspective (she looked like a regular monster without the big cute eyes) was fun. This story confirmed the chronological difference between Kumoko’s time in the labyrinth and the human reincarnation’s time at school. Pretty cool! Lastly, some human survivors ran away from the powerful taratect and bolted for the exit. Which means Kumoko may finally see the outside world! That’s hype.

Only 2 episodes left for the first cour! Now that Kumoko’s taboo is maxed out what will happen to her? What will her new evolution look like? What will the lovable spider find if she gets to exit the labyrinth? And, given the time difference, where is she in the present? Find out next week!


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