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So I'm a Spider, So what? Ep 12: Fight Night!

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: March 28, 2021

Isekai version of David versus Goliath. The two monsters duke it out and hold nothing back!

The Size Difference



After meticulously setting up a proper battlefield, the fight begins! The traumatized taratect faces the Earth Dragon Araba face-to-face. Neither hold anything back as they battle to the death!

The Dragon is Impressed

When Kumoko first encountered the terrifying Araba, she barely escaped with her life. Well, it was more like the Earth Dragon did not even care about a tiny taratect. Now, the dragon has no other choice but to acknowledge the spider heroine’s power. Although the spider’s attacks do not inflict much damage, the dragon takes the fight seriously. It’s Kumoko’s patience and planning versus Araba’s raw power!

He is 100% Serious

Give it Your All

This monster mash gets ridiculously bloody (especially for the taratect). Kumoko struggles against the raw power of the dragon and she’s forced to bring out literally all possible aces. On the other hand, Araba spends all his stored skill points just to defeat the spider! The back-and-forth clash is quite fun to watch since both fighters hold nothing back and refuse to lose. The best part? It’s 100% a one versus one! No deus ex machina. Just a straight-up brawl.

Bloody Fight

The Light at the End

The outcome of the battle is unsurprising but the monologue at its end adds a decent emotional touch. Now, Kumoko has something else on her mind: finding the exit. She recently fought some humans and marked them. Naturally, those that survived the encounter made a break for the exit. Well, she has her eyes set on seeing the sun for the first time. The outside world is about to meet the powerful spider heroine!

Jumping into the Light


Game Face

Author's Rating: 7.9/10

This episode's fight was great! Finally seeing the fight between Kumoko and Araba was satisfying and the fans loved it. The CG dragon sometimes looked odd but he was decent for most of the battle. It was a good fight but Kumoko’s overpowered skills and excellent planning outshined the dragon’s raw power. It was a little sad to see the main character disheartened by how things turned out despite her triumph. This was a nice show of character progression though and viewers eagerly await to see how the spider grows! Apart from the magnificent monster mash, the beloved heroine finally made it outside.

What new challenges await Kumoko? Is she prepared to face the outside world? Is the outside world prepared to face the powerful taratect? Find out next week as the first cour closes out with episode 13!


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