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So I'm a Spider, So what? Ep 5: Through the Fire and Flames She Carries On

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: February 7, 2021

Things are heating up as the spider heroine forges into the middle layer where she faces flame-wielding opponents and finally has a relatively decent meal.

Bum Bomb



The new blazing environment is unforgiving and the little spider struggles to beat the heat even with her new evolution. She returns to the bottom layer for a brief training and skills assessment session but a powerful enemy forces a prompt return to the middle layer. Left with no choice, the sweaty spider aims to conquer the fiery layer and its flaming inhabitants. Meanwhile, the human reincarnations have a strange discussion right before class.

New Evolution — Poison Power!

Kumoko’s latest evolution — small poison taratect — introduces some visually evident changes along with a sizable increase to stats. The power-up gets more interesting as she opts to obtain the skill pride which subsequently boosts her stats even more, upgrades skills, bestows new titles — including demon lord —, and even unlocks new abilities like abyss magic! This new and deadly-sounding magic is intriguing with its ominous concept. Unfortunately, the little spider does not know how to use magic just yet.

New Evolution, New Look!

What the Fire?

Kumoko wishes to head back up to the upper layer (where weaker monsters roam) but she must first pass through a sea of lava. The scorching heat in the middle layer poses a threat to the little spider. Her webs burn easily and the lava houses nasty monsters with the fire attribute. Engaging these inhabitants from a distance becomes impossible since attacking with webs is out of the question. Seems like she’s naturally weakagainst this environment. The heroine returns to the bottom layer for a short training montage but an encounter with another powerful earth dragon forces a quick return to the middle layer. She can’t catch a break!

Catfish-like Monster Appears!

Despite her natural disadvantage against fire, she defeats the lava-loving monsters by luring them out of their boiling pools. Truly, Kumoko’s human wisdom works wonders against less intelligent creatures. Probably the biggest win for the lonely little spider is her delicious buffet of catfish-like meat after a strenuous battle.

Thank You for the Meal!

Extra Depth to the Other Characters

The human reincarnations have an interesting discussion about the Followers of God’s Word which prompts followers to keep leveling skills up in order to hear the voice of God. Yuri tries to convince the others to join and enlists their help in searching for and killing of people with the taboo skill. This causes Feirune to panic as she acquired said skill after biting (and ingesting) meat from her kin (the earth dragon they defeated previously).

Zeal in Her Eyes


Catfish Vongole Anyone?

Author's Rating: 6.8/10

Despite a meandering pace, the episode was fun and the new developments were interesting. Kumoko’s evolution and mysterious new skills were fascinating but also a bit confusing since the character herself does not know how to use magic and there are several elements (e.g., n% or W) that are omega mysterious. The freshest part was the brand-new environment of the middle layer! This bright place was a nice change from the other darker layers. Also, the added depth to the other characters (e.g., the sad past of Yuri) was a great bonus. Lastly, devouring the delicious catfish was incredibly satisfying as it made Kumoko extra happy! The heroine definitely deserved that yummy meal.

Moving to a new layer also means moving forward in the plot! Additionally, the post-credits scene reveals Julius Analeit (the renowned Hero) entering the middle layer of the great labyrinth. Now, Kumoko will have to overcome the fire and possiblby the humans! What do the humans want in the middle layer? How will the beloved spider return to the upper layer? What kind of other powerful monsters lurk in the lava? What will happen to Feirune since she did something taboo? Find out next week!


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