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So I'm a Spider, So what? Ep 6: The Armored Spider and a Dubious Figure Appear!

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: February 15, 2021

The spider heroine goes about her usual business of fighting, eating, leveling up, and evolving. But now, an ominous character appears as the plot pushes forward!

Hero's Party



After beating another lava-loving monster, the spider heroine has an opportunity to evolve. Meanwhile, the hero’s party proceeds deeper into the labyrinth to hunt for a certain spider monster. They successfully locate their target and a fight ensues.

Latest Evolution

Defeating the lava eel gives Kumoko enough experience points to evolve into something more exciting: Zoa Ele. This transformation gives the little spider a brand-new and very different look! She looks combat-ready just as the powerful stats imply. The new look’s design is fantastic and it makes the main character look much stronger than before. On top of a new look, she gains two fascinating skills: patience and parallel will.

Ready to Rumble!

Patience allows her the conversion of MP to HP when the latter is low (great for survival). More interestingly, this new skill comes with heresy nullification. This allows the use of a powerful skill — detection — without suffering from headaches (which Kumoko experienced previously). This allows her to see the world in a whole new way.

The World After Using Detection

Parallel will is incredible! The skill basically creates another will inside the character’s mind which can be in charge of doing specific tasks. Currently, one will is in charge of the spider’s body while the other focuses on information. Think of it as an overpowered capability for multi-tasking. What a dream!

Kumoko Talking to... Kumoko!

Hero's Hunt

Finally, some non-schoolyard human action. Julius, the hero, brings a party to hunt for a certain taratect named Nightmare’s Vestige. Once the humans find their target — or once the target finds them — a small fight breaks out. The Nigtmare’s Vestige, along with some greater taratects, prove to be challenging opponents for the humans. However, strange circumstances cause the Nightmare’s Vestige to freeze… as if in fear of something. Thanks to that interference, the hero’s party is victorious.

Hero's Target: Nightmare's Vestige

A New Challenger Appears!

What caused the powerful taratect to freeze up? Something more powerful. A mysterious new female character shows up and she appears to be omega strong. Another character appears and refers to the feisty female as a demon lord! Looks like there’s an exciting villain coming.

Mystery Lady


Demon Lord's Castle

Author's Rating: 7.6/10

Thankfully, this episode was not excessively grindy. In fact, the plot points were intriguing and the appearance of a demon lord was fantastic. Kumoko’s evolution was cool and it seems like she’ll have more melee-oriented fights with her scythes. The parallel will was a fun concept and it will probably lead to different and more colorful personalities for the main character. The fight between the hero’s party and the scary taratect was decent but it felt more like a sequence to push the plot forward rather than an action-focused scene. Lastly, the big reveal towards the end was great and necessary. Why necessary? The series is halfway through its first cour and up until now the plot has been incredulously grind-centered and leveling up seemed like the only excitement. But now, a mighty villainess showed up! Thank goodness. Hopefully this plot buildup keeps going.

o Kumoko’s evolution was a big step forward but she’s still stuck in the middle layer! How will she get out? What happens when she gets to the upper layer? What will this new threat watching from a distance do next? Find out next week!


Official Anime Website: So I'm a Spider, So What?

Official Anime Twitter: @kumoko_anime

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