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So I'm a Spider, So what? Ep 8: Life will never be the same

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: February 27, 2021

From the students’ past to Kumoko’s present, changes are real and there’s no choice but to push forward!

Wills at Work!



Hugo disappears after his failed assassination attempt. Schlain and the other human reincarnations look back at their previous life. Meanwhile, Kumoko continues exploring the lava-filled layer and encounters an injured flaming dragon!

Thanks for the Memories

Schlain and the rest share a meal while reminiscing. In their previous life, they only worried about being students and relationships between most students were decent. They even mentioned that Hugo (formerly known as Natsume Kengo) would have never tried to do such despicable deeds in the past. Something is changing the students in their new lives! It’s great to see the human reincarnations hold on to their past lives as students while also changing things up in their current life. This sequence begs the question: where are the other students?

Actually Buddies?

Here Comes the Magic!

Kumoko’s new skill — Wisdom — comes with pretty ridiculous status upgrades including advanced magical capabilities. The spider can finally use magic! However, even with intense magical attributes, the actual casting of magic takes time and practice. As such, she is unable to properly cast spells right off the bat. Thanks to the bickering between her two wills (one for the body and the other for information) a new will is born: one in charge of magic! The voice actor, Aoi Yuuki, is doing an excellent job of depicting an enjoyable dynamic between different wills! She definitely has a lot of work to do as more wills come up.

New Will!

Angry Dragon

The middle layer of the Great Elroe Labyrinth houses many different types of flame-wielding beasts and most of them are quite strong. Surprisingly, Kumoko chances upon a bunch of defeated monsters with one injured survivor: a powerful fire dragon! The tiny spider should lose based on level and attributes alone. To make things worse, the dragon is venting its anger onto the heroine. However, something nearly killed this dragon and now there’s a chance to win! With magic-in-charge, and an even newer parallel will, Kumoko stands her ground and fights! The action itself is decent but nothing spectacular but seeing the spider’s new magical prowess is plenty entertaining. She’s becoming incredibly strong! On the other hand, what almost killed this tough dragon? The thought of even stronger monsters is exciting!

Spider vs Dragon


Reserved Oka-sensei

Author's Rating: 7.7/10

Anyone else enjoy seeing the past life of the students? This episode did an excellent job of adding depth to the characters of the students by showing a bit of their life in high school. These characters definitely needed that. Additionally, it was interesting to see that Oka-sensie knew about the other reincarnations but refused to divulge the information to Schlain and the rest. Why though? What was she hiding?

On the other side of the world, Kumoko’s new developments and troubles were fun! She unlocked the use of magic and even developed a new parallel will (mad props to the voice actor!). The spider’s power increased by a ton and now she has a difficult opponent to try magic on. Despite the upgraded attributes and magic, Kumoko is still cornered by the intelligent dragon! Looks like there will be a good fight in the next episode.

What happened to Hugo? And to the other students that Oka-sensei seems to know about? Why is their teacher being secretive? How will the lovable spider beat the fire dragon? And lastly, which classmate is Kumoko? Find out next week!


Official Anime Website: So I'm a Spider, So What?

Official Anime Twitter: @kumoko_anime

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