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So I'm a Spider, So what? Ep 9: Surprises Left and Right

Updated: Jul 14, 2021

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: March 8, 2021

The Hero, the Demon Lord with some menacing demons, and the lovable spider heroine. The story picks up and takes exciting turns!

Costly Attack!



Schlain briefly reunites with his older brother Julius just before the hero has to depart for the Empire. Meanwhile, the spider heroine continues her battle against a mighty fire dragon in the Great Elroe Labyrinth. The fight is immediately followed a surprise visit from dubious characters and a meeting of dubious demons.

Hero's Homecoming

Julius Zagan Analeit, current holder of the Hero title, comes home and meets with his siblings Schlain and Sue. The reunion is brief since the Hero and his allies have to leave immediately for the Empire because of new looming threat: demons on the move! It seems like an unavoidable war between humans and demons is about to begin and Julius is needed at the front. His title of Hero becomes extra impactful especially towards the end of the episode.

Brotherly Love

Interestingly, Julius shares a story from the past involving Feirune (a student reincarnated as an earth dragon and is currently Schlain’s pet). The Hero mentioned that his scarf made from taratect’s silk and Feirune came from the same place 15 years ago. A certain taratect (spider) home was burned down in a dungeon and an egg was retrieved. Sounds familiar right? Which spider is known for repeatedly lamenting over a burned home? Additionally, element of time is incredibly exciting and Kumoko’s possible involvement suggests a ton of new possibilities!

Happy Meeting

Spider's Special Moves!

Previously, the spider heroine relied heavily on using poison attacks to defeat enemies and that worked for a long time. Now, after gaining levels and abilities, she has new weapons in her arsenal! Heresy Magic, especially phantasm, proves to be useful. She also uses corrosive attacks at the cost of her own sickle-like hands. And her Abyss Magic, aptly named Hell Gate, is omega powerful! All these moves are possible thanks to Kumoko's multiple wills (she even has two in charge of magic now). This spider is shaping up to be ridiculously strong and she achieved it through hard work and a ton of grinding!

Abyss Magic : Hell Gate

Meetings and Meetings

This part of the episode is quite hype. As such, the following section will be kept as vague as possible so that viewers can enjoy the excitement firsthand. Kumoko receives a surprise visit from a badass-looking mysterious dude. Surprise because this guy literally pops in out of nowhere using some teleportation spell. As a native of the world, this mystery man speaks a different language. Props to the writers since they worked to make the language sound so foreign and awesome. Apart from this dude, Admin D (the one responsible for giving the spider its wisdom skill) makes contact with Kumoko through something unexpected! This whole sequence excellently drives up the intrigue!

Mystery Man

Meanwhile, another meeting — much darker this time — is shown towards the end of the episode. A bunch of demons gather and plan their war against humans. Most of the characters are brand new but a few of them are familiar including the Demon Lord. As an extra bonus, the new characters all have fun-looking designs! Who doesn’t love an awesome reveal of powerful foes?

Demon Lord



Kumoko's Stalker?

Author's Rating: 8.3/10

This episode was fantastic! The little bits of information about the different characters worked well to build up anticipation for what’s to come. The Hero’s story was wonderful and raised interesting questions. Kumoko’s meeting was bizarre but also incredibly fun especially with the mystery dude’s foreign language and the other character’s manner of communication. The meeting at the end felt like a reveal of the big baddie with a big mystery hidden behind! As a result of all the plot-building info, the story becomes infinitely more stimulating and viewers eagerly await the next episode!

Only 3 episodes left for the first cour! How will Kumoko react to everything she just learned? What will become of the war? What will happen to Schlain and the rest? Find out next week!


Official Anime Website: So I'm a Spider, So What?

Official Anime Twitter: @kumoko_anime

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