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#SPOTLIGHT: EGOIST celebrates 10th anniversary with Build Divide: Code Black OP theme 'BANG!!!'

Written by: Nicole Castro

Published on: December 20, 2021 at 17:06 PHT (GMT+8)

Today, we're featuring a Japanese music group who is widely recognized for the amazing anime opening and ending themes they have created over the years: EGOIST!

EGOIST is a Japanese pop music duo consisting of songwriter Ryo of supercell and vocalist Chelly. They originally formed to produce theme music for the 2011 anime TV series Guilty Crown, then continued to create many more songs for other anime series such as Psycho-Pass and Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.

EGOIST celebrated its 10th anniversary last Nov. 30, 2021. They are currently affiliated with music label Sacra Music.

This Fall 2021, they sing the opening theme song BANG!!! for the card game anime Build Divide -#00000 (Code Black)-.

And since we mentioned Guilty Crown, we might as well relive the opening theme The Everlasting Guilty Crown.

Okay, one last. Here's Namae No Nai Kaibutsu『名前のない怪物』(English: Nameless Monster), the first ending theme for Psycho-Pass.

Thank you for traveling down memory lane with us. If you haven't had enough of EGOIST, see their full discography here.

EGOIST official social media:


Digest by AniradioPlus

Reference: EGOIST official website


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