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#SPOTLIGHT: Frederic performs 'Saika' for Fall 2021 anime 'The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window'

Written by: Nicole Castro

Published on: December 13, 2021 at 18:03 PHT (GMT+8)

Japanese rock band Frederic is back with their catchy, upbeat acoustics!

For Fall 2021, they perform the opening theme Saika for the boys' love-mystery anime The Night Beyond the Tricornered Window (Romaji: Sankaku Mado no Sotogawa wa Your, Japanese: さんかく窓の外側は夜).

In case you find their beat familiar, we bet you'll recognize them now as the band behind Kanashii Ureshii (かなしいうれしい), the opening theme of the love triangle anime Love and Lies (Romaji: Koi to Uso) which aired in Summer 2017. Below is a live acoustic version of said song. Kenji's vocals are so hypnotic!

(Also, is it just us, or does Frederic have a knack for singing for anime series with complex romance?)

Frederic (フレデリック) is a Japanese rock band from Kobe formed in 2009 and is currently signed to music label A-Sketch. They made their major label debut in September 2014 with the mini album oddloop. Their first full album Frederism 「フレデリズム」was released in June 2016, and their first major live performance was at the Kobe Portisland Hall in April 2018.

Their current members consist of: Kenji Mihara (三原健司, Vocals and guitar), his twin brother Koji Mihara (三原康司, Bass and vocals), Ryuji Akagashira (赤頭隆児, Guitar), and Takeru Takahashi (高橋武, Drums).

See their full discography here.

The Frederic members each have their own social media accounts, including on TikTok!


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Reference: Frederic official website, official Twitter, official Facebook, official Instagram, official YouTube, official TikTok


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