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Stock photo site 'Muscle Plus' releases new collection featuring models frolicking in tea fields

Written by: Gabriel Castillo

Published on: August 20, 2021 at 8:45 PM PHT (GMT+8)

Muscle Plus New Photo Collection
Muscle Plus New Photo Collection | PHOTO COURTESY: Muscle Plus

The official website of Muscle Plus, which offers very specific free-to-use stock photos, added new sets of pictures last Saturday. The brand-new set features giga muscular models portraying different scenarios at the famous tea plantation “Yame Chuo Ochaen” in Yame City, Fukuoka Prefecture. This release aimed to provide photos that allow muscles to stand out in magnificent scenes such as “tea picking macho”, “a macho playing catch-the-macho in a teafield”, “macho that is torn down and thrown away in the battle for supremacy of tea leaves” and more.

Having trouble searching for unique stock photos that can engage your audience? These photos are sure to jazz up your future presentations. Check out some of the photos from the collection below!

In need of a macho man mixing his protein shake while picking in the tea fields? Look no further:

Mixing Protein Shake While Tea-Picking
Macho Tea-Picking | PHOTO COURTESY: Muscle Plus

What if you need macho men playing catch-the-macho in a sprawling field of greens? They got you covered:

Macho Chasing a Macho
Macho Chasing a Macho | PHOTO COURTESY: Muscle Plus

Looking for a great picture of a macho man reading his favorite book or reviewing his workout schedule in a peaceful setting? Right here:

Macho Reading
Macho Reading | PHOTO COURTESY: Muscle Plus

What about macho men enjoying a much-deserved snack after a full day of working (out) in the fields? No need to search anymore:

Macho Snack Time
Macho Snack Time | PHOTO COURTESY: Muscle Plus

How about a "macho that's been torn down and thrown away in the battle for supermacy of tea leaves"? Muscle Plus answers your need:

Macho Torn Down and Thrown Away | PHOTO COURTESY: Muscle Plus

For more on this collection, check out their website here.

More on Muscle Plus

Launched in 2020, Muscle Plus is a site that offers unique free-to-use stock images for everyone under the theme “adding muscles to everyday life”. The project was born from Akihito Ohara’s realization that the plethora of already available free-to-use stock photo sites did not have what he wanted. This gap pushed him to start his own site which initially featured himself as the model, later expanding to include even more muscular men. The models are all Japanese gentlemen part of the “All Out” group of bodybuilders, models, and performers based in Tokyo and other major cities whose name was supposedly taken from the phrase “go all out” often used in the world of working out.


Many of the poses featured in the site involve fitness activities and bodybuilder poses as the photos are meant to highlight the musculature of models. Their collection also offers a wide variety of muscular men in equally varied situations (e.g., giving business cards, bathing at the public bath, attending class, etc.) which all still emphasize the models’ omega muscular physiques. The website features an extensive library and allows people to use photos without even registering. Finding exactly what you need is easy as the search feature is quite extensive and even allows users to search by model, category, muscle group, and more!


Source: SoraNews24 (one and two), PRTimes Japan , Time Out , Muscle Plus Official Website


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