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That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime S2 Ep 4: Greedy Scheming Boomers

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: Feb 3, 2021

What happens when a developing nation threatens the economy of an older, more established one? War. Rimuru and the city of Tempest are about to face new types of trouble on multiple fronts!

Angry Oldie: King Edamalis



After successfully building a diplomatic relationship with Dwargon, Rimuru heads back to his students and has a small farewell celebration. Myulan explores the city of Tempest and participates in some shenanigans. Meanwhile, the Kingdom of Falmuth plots against Tempest.

Sightseeing in Tempest

Youm brings Myulan to Tempest and gives her a quick tour. As a spy of Demon Lord Clayman, she goes around and takes notes. However, to her surprise, she ends up in a scheme — headed by Gobuta — to defeat Hakurou. Gobuta, Grucius, and Youm still get whooped despite their best efforts. Seems like Myulan is fitting right in! She even tries out the onsen with other ladies of the town. This is just a nice sequence of light fun to depict the peace in Tempest.

Good Old Onsen

Scheming Scumbags

The Kingdom of Falmuth sees Tempest as a great economical threat. Anything is possible when greedy old people’s riches are threatened; even war. Now that the Western Saints Church is involved, this will not be just a regular face-to-face war, but an underhanded assault guised as a crusade. King Edamalis, the repugnant ruler of Falmuth, has devious plans in mind to take down Tempest. Truly, Edamalis is an old, rich, greedy, and angry scumbag that wants to destroy his competition no matter the cost… No need for an isekai to find similar folk.

Archbishop Reyhiem of the Western Saints Church

More Otherworlders!

Three powerful Otherworlders summoned by the Kingdom of Falmuth are about to set out for Tempest! The kingdom plans to use them to cause a commotion that will force Tempest to retaliate and hurt citizens of Falmuth (i.e., the Otherworlders and their companions) thereby justifying a war. Detestable, right? Here’s a quick preview on the three characters:

  • Shogo Takaguchi — cocky, loud-mouthed, and angry.

  • Kirara Mizutani — self-centered and doesn’t care much about the world.

  • Kyoya Tachibana — calm, laid-back, and hides his true intentions behind a smile.

Clayman with the Finish... Again

As usual, Demon Lord Clayman gets his twenty seconds in the spotlight at the end of the episode. Seriously, this guy should be called the Twenty Second Demon Lord since he’s always at the final few seconds of episodes. Interestingly, this time around he is accompanied by another familiar face. Exciting!

He Needs Lights


Enjoying the Peace

Author's Rating: 7.3/10

The past few episodes were setting up the next big arc to follow and finally the plot is moving forward! This episode felt like the calm before the storm since not much happened but it also revealed several behind-the-scenes issues and foes that are about to attack Rimuru and his crew.

The peaceful display of Tempest was light-hearted and entertaining but it also set up for the coming disasters. The scheming oldies of Falmuth decently portrayed rotten baddies deserving of hate. Perhaps the schemers were extra repulsive because they paralleled greedy humans in real life. Isn’t it disgusting when the rich and powerful think they can do whatever they want? This episode exposed the villains and their evil nature excellently! Now, the viewers have more reason to cheer for Rimuru and hate on the baddies

What will happen to Tempest? How will Rimuru protect the city and its people? What will the Western Saints Church do? Find out next week!


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That Time I was Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 airs every Tuesday and is available on iQIYI at 23:30 PST.


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