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That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime S2 Ep 6: Disaster Strikes!

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: Feb 18, 2021

From peace to war real quick! The citizens of Tempest suffer at the hands of ruthless humans while an immensely powerful foe delays Rimuru’s homecoming.




Rimuru bids farewell to his beloved students and heads home. However, a stalwart Holy Knight attacks the slime. A fight ensues! Meanwhile, Shion and the rest struggle against the Otherworlders making a mess in the city. To make matters worse, human knights from Falmuth arrive!

Tempest in Trouble!

The danger surrounding the city of monsters is not letting up! In fact, the situation is worse now. Rimuru’s trusted crew struggles against the powerful Otherworlders thanks to the barrier that weakens monsters. Even the mighty sword expert and teacher Hakuro seems to be no match. On top of the troublesome barrier, human knights from Falmuth rush into the city to “help” citizens but they end up wreaking havoc instead. How despicable. The city ends up in flames and screams of anguish flood the streets; a surprisingly dark sequence from the series.

City to Cinders

New Badass Beauty

A new challenger arrives: Hinata Sakaguchi (voiced by Manami Numakura)! The former student of Shizu-san (which means she is also an Otherworlder) is currently the Chief Knight of the Imperial Guard and Captain of the Holy Knights. Those are some legit titles. She’s definitely a beauty with her gorgeous face, purple eyes, and slim figure. In addition to her good looks, she’s also a beast when it comes to fighting! On top of her ridiculous strength and agility Hinata wields a powerful ability: Dead End Rainbow.The lovable slime is in danger!

Hinata Sakaguchi

Cornered Slime

Rimuru is trapped inside two barriers much like his beloved city! The barriers effectively weaken the slime and put him at a significant disadvantage against Hinata Sakaguchi. Apart from the dire situation another truth comes to light: someone is leaking informationabout Rimuru. The fight is evidently one-sided (in favor of Hinata) and the monster is backed into a corner. The threat of actual death for the slime becomes all too real. And so, Rimuru is forced to activate a powerful but also dubious skill: gluttony.

Dead End Rainbow



Hinata Sakaguchi in Action!

Author's Rating: 8.3/10

This episode wonderfully depicted conflict on two different fronts! Favorite supporting characters like Hakuro and Gobuta were in real danger and the bustling city of Tempest was set aflame. Exciting stuff for viewers! Additionally, Rimuru’s duel was exciting. The action itself was average (there was a ton of talking) but the threat of doom for the main character felt a bit more real this time around; real enough to force the usage of a trump card-type of ability. Viewers witnessed Gluttony in action before but the activation this time around seemed different. On top of the evident conflict, there was more trouble brewing in the shadows. Who was leaking information and why? Well, it seems like there are other folk behind-the-scenes that want to be rid of the slime. All in all, the sequences served as an excellent setup for what’s to come: action!

What will happen to the city of Tempest? How will they survive the humans’ attack? What will become of Rimuru as he activates Gluttony? How will he defeat Hianta Sakaguchi? Who else wants the slime dead? And why? Find out next week as we go past the halfway mark for this first cour!

Enjoying the series so far? Excited for what's to come? Let us know in the comments below!


Official Anime Website: Tensura

Official Anime Twitter: @ten_sura_anime

That Time I was Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 airs every Tuesday and is available on iQIYI at 23:30 PST.


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