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That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime S2 Ep 7: Despair

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: Feb 25, 2021

Destroyed buildings, blood-filled streets, and countless casualties... The devastation of Tempest is painful.

Damage to the City and His Heart



The fight between Rimuru and Hinata Sakaguchi reaches its climax! Meanwhile in the City of Tempest, several truths come to light as the mournful citizens gather in order to figure out the necessary next steps.

Gluttony in Action

Rimuru’s activation of gluttony causes a transformation into a chimera composed of all the previously absorbed entities at the cost of conscious thought. A decent, albeit short, fight ensues! Hinata Sakaguchi’s Dead End Rainbow proves to be insufficient thus forcing the activation of her own ace: disintegration. This powerful skill thoroughly obliterates the thoughtless chimera. However, unbeknownst to the holy knight, Rimuru escapes with his life (obviously, the main character cannot die yet)! The slime makes use of several skills and well-planned misdirection to deceive his powerful opponent.


Tempest in Shambles

The beloved leader’s return is usually a happy day. Not today. Viewers have a chance to see things from Rimuru’s perspective while exploring the wreckage. The shaky-cam-esque first person perspective shot seems a bit strange at first but it adds a nice touch. The city, now covered in blood and debris, barely resembles its former self. To add to the problems, the humans promised to return in a week to finish the cleanse! The city of monsters faces a grave situation.

Countless Casualties...

On top of the apparent destruction, Benimaru attempts to apprehend Myulan (responsible for putting up one of the barriers) but Youm and Grucius interfere; a good bit of in-fighting to add more conflict. Rimuru arrives just in time for a peaceful resolution but Myulan reveals something that almost drives the lovable slime mad: numerous dead citizens of Tempest. The expression on Rimuru’s face shows a character driven to the edge of patience and sanity where anger overflows. Luckily, the Great Sage keeps the slime from losing it all. The artists did an excellent job of portraying a grief-stricken main character (especially the eyes)! It’s nice to see different dimensions to main characters especially when faced with an overwhelmingly negative situation. Props to 8bit animation studio!

Eyes Approaching Madness

Clayman with the Finish... Again!

After Myulan divulges her relation to Demon Lord Clayman, viewers get another glimpse of the puppet master in his castle. He’s literally just having a drink this time. It’s funny to see Clayman back with his usual twenty second appearance!

Cheers to the Twenty Seconds of Screen Time



Human's Blood-stained Sword

Author's Rating: 8.5/10

This episode was aptly entitled “Despair” as it evoked that exact feeling: initially with Rimuru’s demise at the hands of Hinata Sakaguchi and then back in the city when all the death became apparent. The blood on the streets and all the corpses were decent bits of darkness added to this otherwise light and fun series. The new dimensions to Rimuru’s character were excellent and it opened up new possibilities for him (e.g., more serious and darker emotions, changing perspective of humans in general, and becoming more ruthless). The action was minimal in this episode but the build-up for the story was great. The story felt heavier this time and the problems became incredibly urgent.

With Rimuru back in Tempest plans for a counter-attack are brewing, which means one thing for viewers: action is coming! How will they deal with the humans? What will happen to the dead citizens of Tempest? What is Rimuru willing to do to save his city? Find out next week!

Enjoying the series so far? Excited for what's to come? Let us know in the comments below!


Official Anime Website: Tensura

Official Anime Twitter: @ten_sura_anime

That Time I was Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 airs every Tuesday and is available on iQIYI at 23:30 PST.


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