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That Time I got Reincarnated as a Slime S2 Ep 9: IT'S ABOUT TO GO DOWN

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: March 10, 2021

Humans think they can easily trample the humble slime’s home. WRONG. The road to becoming a Demon Lord starts here!




Rimuru holds a meeting to discuss his ascension into a Demon Lord. After an emotional exchange of words, the council focuses on dealing with the most pressing problem at hand: humans. Rimuru and his crew plan their attack and head out to strike!

Emotions Run High

The lovable slime speaks to his people and reveals the truth behind his intention to befriend humans: he is an Otherworlder! The first half of the meeting is all about letting emotions out as Rimuru shares his guilt about the past (i.e., being too focused on personal agenda) and ideals for the future (i.e., getting humans to recognize their existence). Benimaru and the rest have no quarrel with their master and wholeheartedly accept him for who he is. Wow. Doesn’t that sound nice? This is definitely something necessary in the world today. Through all that’s happened, both good and bad, Rimuru finally finds a home to cherish *tears up in slime*.

Rimuru's Home

Battle Plan

The human army from Falmuth is coming and Tempest is about to meet them head-on. There is still a man-made barrier enclosing the city and Rimuru’s crew is in charge of dismantling the four artifacts responsible. The city’s elite fighters are divided into four groups for a simultaneous attack! First group: Hakuro, Geld, Gobuta, and Rigur will get revenge on the Otherworlders. Second group: Souei and his stealthy companions will strike. Third group: Gabiru’s gang of Dragonewts shall attack from above. Last group: Badass Benimaru will go solo and burn foes to ashes. This whole sequence of preparation is incredibly exciting.

Plan of Attack

Rimuru's Rage

While the other elite fighters are in charge of bringing the barrier down, Rimuru has to face 20,000 human soldiers alone. Becoming a Demon Lord necessitates human souls as nourishment to facilitate the transformation and the visibly angered slime just found his buffet. This whole setup is ridiculously hype.

That Look Though


Same Feels Buddy

Author's Rating: 8.1/10

There was no action at all but this episode was fun since it focused on building up the coming war. And wow, it built up the next few events quite well! The emotional meeting at the beginning felt slow but it was also necessary going forward. The latter half of the episode was filled with enjoyable preparation scenes. Who wouldn’t be excited to see all the elite fighters gearing up to fight nasty foes (especially Benimaru going on a solo mission to destroy some fools)? Best of all was the shot of Rimuru up in the sky, wings out, game face on. 1 versus 20,000? Viewers are all-in on this one!

The stage for war is set! How will the elite fighters of Tempest deal with the humans? What will Rimuru do to harvest all 20,000 souls? Will their attempt to resurrect the fallen be successful? Are you hyped up to see all the action? Catch it all next week as wild things are about to go down!

Enjoying the series so far? Excited for what's to come? Let us know in the comments below!


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That Time I was Reincarnated as a Slime Season 2 airs every Tuesday and is available on iQIYI at 23:30 PST.