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The Cursed Blurred Lights: An In-Depth Analysis of the Inventions and Discoveries from Dr. Stone S2

As the Kingdom of Science prepares for the first phase of their plan on their assault against

Tsukasa’s Army, Senku devises a plan in order to avoid any further conflict. In one of their conflict refers to Homura, the spy that Tsukasa sent in order to verify a mysterious invention. To disorient the pursuing Homura, Senku prepared a distraction: a Flash Bulb, an upgraded light bulb that may disrupt ocular senses, temporarily blinding her. In the short span of disorientation, Homura manages to flee right away, missing the opportunity to take her as hostage. Little did she know, Senku have used powdered tungsten to track her down, producing invisible blue palette which only a Black Light could illuminate.

Courtesy of Kome Studio, Boichi/SHUEISHA, DrStone Project

It is really a fun science experiment to adapt but how does it really work? In order to understand

how it works, we need to first determine what makes it work. As seen in the previous chapter or

episode, Senku and his team managed to manifest electricity through magnetic poles, generated into steam-roasted bamboo stick, hence conceiving the first light bulb in the last 3,700 years. Stored inside small glass containment, the light bulb has been introduced in the stone world. Similarly, the Flash Bulb works closely related to its light bulb counterpart, only mixed with extreme level of science!

The Science behind [Flash Bulb]

To make a Flash Bulb emits extremely bright flash of lights, one must simply put magnesium

(Mg) inside the bulb; it will ignite easily in air and burns with a bright light. It is simple but one doesn’t harvest magnesium element out of a hardware store, so we prepare another method shown in Dr. Stone. Before you proceed to adapt this experiment, it must be done with adult supervision. You could acquire magnesium through a scientific method by boiling down seawater to produce bittern, a concentrated solution of various salts remained after crystallization. The dissolved bittern (now magnesium chloride or MgCl) is then electrolyzed/ pass through an electric current to produce the magnesium element. The electric current will allow magnesium to separate from other metallic ions in the bittern, specifically sodium (Na).

Flash Bulb Photos: Anime vs Manga

The magnesium will then stick to a metal rod due to its natural reaction; magnesium comes with

electrical contact with steel in the presence of water. Burning the magnesium element in oxygen makes it shine very brightly, but is completely hazardous even if you are not well equipped with proper tools and gears. The mixture of ignited magnesium contains magnesium oxide (MgO) and magnesium nitride (Mg3N2).

The Science behind [Black Light]

The next scientific item that Senku introduced alongside the Flash Bulb is the light bulb level 3:

the Black Light. The science behind the Black Light lies behind the association between scheelite tungsten (W) mineral composition and ultraviolet rays; the fluorescence of these mineral occurs when specific wavelengths have been directed, causing electrons inside temporarily jump to a higher orbit in its atomic structure. In order to create your own purple-tinted Black Light, simply grind nickel (Ni) and barium (Ba) together until formed into a glass, which will then houses the light bulb. The mixture of nickel and barium glass will then produce the ultraviolet rays and cause fluorescence to certain minerals or items. Aside from barium, other objects may illuminate under the Black Light are rock salts, uranium glass , turmeric spice and even currency to determine whether it is counterfeit or not. Simple as that, you can procure your own homemade Black Light, only if the given elements are available, considering these elements are usually bought over-the-counter.

Black Light Photos: Anime vs Manga

Although Senku’s method in the manga and anime is much easier to understand and follow, the

actual process is truly challenging and at the same time, also exhilarating. Science is truly amazing, especially if we know its origin and other practical uses. Do you other inventions and discoveries you want to analyze? Share your thoughts and we will look forward to it.


📷 Courtesy of Kome Studio, Boichi/SHUEISHA, DrStone Project

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