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The Japan Ninja Council opens dojo in Asakusa, Tokyo teaching the ninja way

Written by: Gabriel Castillo | Published on: July 9, 2021 at 4:38 PM PHT (GMT+8)

Photo Credit: Ninja Information Center Tokyo

The Japan Ninja Council, the official organization for all things shinobi-related, opened the Ninja Information Center Tokyo & Dojo located in Asakusa, Toyko. JNC Enterprise Co., Ltd., operates the facility in cooperation with the Council. The facility aims to provide visitors with a hands-on experience and understanding of Ninja culture. Start your physical and mental training right here!

Aspiring shinobi can choose from one of three available courses. First, a 40-minute Ninja Experience which includes tutorials on how to throw shuriken, kujikuri ninja hand signals, and a discussion on essential equipment for sneaky operations. Start off your Ninja career for just JPY 2,200!

Photo Credit: Ninja Information Center Tokyo

The second available course pushes students further into the shadows with a 60-minute Short Nindo Experience by gearing them up in proper ninja attire and introducing techniques for silent movement and meditation practice. This course goes for JPY 7,700 and allows disciples to bring their ninja uniform home.

Photo Credit: Ninja Information Center Tokyo

Lastly, the 90-minute Long Nindo Experience includes everything from the Short Nindo course and adds kodachi training, techniques to enhance sensory perception, and general tips on the art of stealth. Get the fullest experience inclusive of the ninja garb for JPY 9,900. Reserving ahead is highly recommended! For reservations and information, check out the official website.

Photo Credit: Ninja Information Center Tokyo

Start your own Ninja way, just as Naruto did, and pay a visit to Tokyo’s cultural hotspot: Asakusa. This new dojo is just minutes away from the famous Sensoji Temple and is easily accessible. Interested in learning more about ninjas (not the Boruto kind)? Check out Japan Ninja Council's official website to learn more.



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