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The Promised Neverland Season 2 - Episode 3 [EP Review]

The Grace Field kids finally exit the forest—and all in one piece, thanks to some unlikely allies. But what obstacles await them now that they are alone once more in foreign land?

Through the help of Mujika and Sonju, the Grace Field kids exit the dark and overgrown forest relatively unscathed. It was a bittersweet moment as the kids bid farewell to their unexpected allies and newfound friends. Mujika hands over to Emma a mysterious blue amulet while Sonju even goes so far as to reveal the demons’ weakness as a show of trust (or is there an ulterior motive?). Equipped with new skills and knowledge and renewed hope, the gang sets off once more in their mission to find William Minerva and human society…if they know what and where exactly they are looking.