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The Promised Neverland Season 2 - Episode 4 [EP Review]

Taking refuge in an underground shelter, the Grace Field kids build a new home for their little family—and try to uncover the clues the enigmatic William Minerva has laid out for them.

Hello? Emma answers a mysterious phone call.

The telephone rings. Emma answers. “This is William Minerva,” it says.

The crumb trail we have been patiently following has led us to answers and then some. As the Grace Field kids settle in their new home, their curious exploration of the shelter leads them to more clues about its origins. In one room, Emma receives a recorded phone call from none other than William Minerva, in which he reveals his true identity and purpose behind the cryptic clues in the books—to help the children escape from the farms.

Minerva then gives them their next clue and destination: Coordinates to D100, located in the far west from the shelter. With the myth of Minerva finally solved (at least surrounding his existence), the Grace Field kids prepare yet again for another expedition in their mission to reclaim humanity. What surprises await them this time?

This week’s episode was like riding a rollercoaster. At the start, it’s all chill and fun as the car steadily climbs uphill. But once you reach the peak, the drop is blind fear intermingled with excitement and lots of screaming and shouting. And this episode was kind of like that.

Emma and kids
The Grace Field family in their newfound shelter.

The first half starts relatively laid-back: the Grace Field kids adjusting to the shelter and its mechanisms. And again, trying to regain that sense of family (sharing meals, showering together) because they are still children, after all, who crave familial affection. It is a bleak reminder of their extraordinary circumstances and the stakes involved, which makes us cheer for them all the more.

Then you have the latter half, where it is all fast-paced and action-packed. It's also uncharted territory, as the series departs from the manga storyline (more on that in a while). It was a rather abrupt and jarring transition, which seems to be a theme with Season 2. The series definitely wastes no time in keeping us on our toes.

We get another glimpse of CGI animation in here as well. This time, it's much more noticeable compared with the one we saw in the first episode. It's not bad per se, and, anyway, this is no Attack on Titan. The CGI did what it needed to do.

There's also a new scene with an old character. Expect to see more of her as the series progresses.

Emma and Ray
What awaits them in outside world?

Now for the manga comparison. There has been an uproar in the TPN community regarding where the anime is heading plot-wise since last week. And if there is any indication that the anime is already flying solo, it's this one. This week's episode skipped a lot of key events in the manga, but does it take away from the overall story? Not necessarily. At least not yet. We just have to wait until the season concludes, and then can we do a manga-panel-by-panel analysis. And frankly, it just makes the watch and waiting even more exciting.

From here on out, anything is possible. Given the events that transpired in this episode, especially that ending, next week cannot come soon enough. And let us anticipate more surprises ahead.

Have you watched this episode? What did you think? Are you excited for the next episodes?

Leave a comment down below and let's discuss! Don't forget to tag any spoilers.


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