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The Quintessential Quintuplets S02E07: ALONE TOGETHER IN THE BATH?!

In the Mixed Bath

Now that the final exams are over and the entire group managed to pass, we can now all go back to normal and speculate who Futaro’s bride is going to be. Well, ladies and weebs, the title of Episode 7 is “Begin the Offensive” and we can all say with confidence that THE TEA HAS BEEN SPILT! What tea you may ask? One shall answer that it’s not only a matter of what but a matter of who as well.

This is our full review of the 7th Episode of The Quintessential Quintuplets ∬. This episode also covered the latter half of Chapter 59 all the way up to Chapter 63.

Fair warning, this review definitely contains spoilers!


Quick Recap

Here’s what you’ve missed from the previous episode:

  • The Nakano sisters, along with Futaro’s guidance, were cramming to review for the upcoming Final Exams

  • The pressure for Yotsuba was so immense that she even wanted to study while they were having a day off at the theme park

  • Futaro thought of a way for everyone to come together by using the strength of each individual and having them teach the other four in what they are good at

  • Miku declared to Ichika that if she gets the highest score, she would confess her feelings to Futaro. Unfortunately, Ichika was the one who scored the highest.

  • To celebrate their success, they all went to the restaurant where Futaro works except for Nino.

You can check out the full review of the previous episode here.


The Tea Has Been Spilt!

The episode definitely delivered with its title, “Begin the Offensive”. There were multiple scenes wherein if you were watching it while drinking or eating something, you most definitely would have choked on it! But if we look back to the previous episode, the offensive has clearly already begun albeit subtly.

As the group was cramming to prepare for the final exams, Miku and Ichika had a talk on the balcony regarding the former’s plan of confessing to Futaro while saying she would not wait for her big sister to make a move. It’s as if saying she’s motivating the latter to act on her feelings as well. Despite a minor setback on acting on said feelings, the intent to start being on the offensive was there.

This is the scene where we choked (Part 1)

Moving on to the “tea” of the episode. This definitely threw everyone off especially with where the storyline is currently at. It was a massive curveball no one saw coming. We’re talking about Nino’s confession. You read that right folks, Nino. Not once, but twice! (This is the part where you choke on your drink)

This is the scene where we choked (Part 2)

Nino sucker-punched Futaro with her confession. It was shocking enough that she was the first one to do it but what surprised us the most is her clear understanding of where their current relationship stands. Nino was determined to change Futaro’s perception of her from being just a student to a potential romantic partner. Despite this semi-awkward exchange, thanks to her determination, Nino was able to act nonchalantly around Futaro and even being able to flirt around with him.


Where We Currently Stand

Since we’re talking about being on the offensive, we are going to lay everything out one by one as it currently stands between the Nakano Sisters and Futaro. Starting with the obvious ones we have on the table right now: Ichika, Nino, and Miku.


Dating back to the first season of the show, we found our first romantic moment with Ichika and Futaro as they were trapped in the storage room during the school camp. Now Ichika has not been one to show her feelings through her actions but we got sweet little moments from her like that scene after they were shooting a movie in the restaurant and the time she and Futaro were walking home from the bookstore. As it stands, Ichika has been on a steady pace with him but it’s all because she’s taking the feelings of her sisters in consideration. She has not been very vocal about her feelings except toward herself and Miku.

Nino and Futaro

Nino. We saw a complete 360 from her in this episode. It’s crazy to think that she was food-poisoning Futaro in the first few episodes of the season to now being all flirty and straight up confessing. Out of the frontrunners, she’s the one who made the most progress with everything that happened in this episode. Not to mention, her new hairdo definitely suits her.

Futaro and Miku

Miku. If memory serves us right, she was the first one who openly admitted to the audience that she has feelings for Futaro. Prior to Nino’s confession, she was the most vocal out of all the sisters. Cooking for Futaro, giving chocolates on Valentine’s Day, and even openly defending him to her sisters. There’s something so pure and innocent about Miku’s feelings towards Futaro that people cannot help to be so drawn in and support her. But her regard for her sisters is still quite remarkable as she still encourages them to act on their feelings even though she feels the same way.

As for Yotsuba and Itsuki. Well, they each have their moments with Futaro but there’s not much to go for if we are talking about being romantic. Itsuki is more levelled with Futaro in the sense that they resemble two friends that are comfortable talking to each other. As for Yotsuba, she definitely had her highlight last week and her sisters definitely gave her credit for that. But she has not shown any indication of romantic interest toward the guy as she remains the most care-free out of all the Nakano sisters. We’ll both give them time to find their respective moments but we will mention that the episode ended with Futaro and Itsuki having a deep conversation about their relationship. Not insinuating, just saying. (Wink)


This episode definitely had a lot to take in with all those Nino bombs. But now that the academics are out of the way, everyone is so hung up on how the romantic side of things develop. It’s also interesting to see how Futaro unravels these feelings from each of the Nakano sisters and in turn how he would develop his own.

We cannot wait for the next episode and we’re on the edge of our seats. How can you be so dense Futaro?!

The audience after watching this episode

The Quintessential Quintuplets Episode 8, “Scrambled Eggs”, comes out on February 27, 2021 at 1:25AM (JST).


TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

  • The offensive subtly began with Miku and Ichika’s talk on the balcony where she mentioned about her planned confession to Futaro if she had the highest score on the Final Exam while also encouraging Ichika to act on her feelings as well.

  • Nino straight up confessed her feelings to Futaro, not once, but twice! And her determination to have him see her as a potential romantic partner allowed her to be nonchalant about it even being able to flirt.

  • Ichika, Nino, and Miku are the clear frontrunners at this point primarily because of how vocal they have been about their feelings; Itsuki and Yotsuba need to pick up the pace if they want to catch up with the other three.

  • As Futaro unravels these feelings from the Nakano sisters, it’s quite exciting how he develops the same towards them.



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