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The Quintessential Quintuplets S02E08: A GIRL-ON-GIRL KISS?!

Updated: Mar 7, 2021

A girl-on-girl kiss?!

The 8th Episode of the Quintessential Quintuplets ∬ brought out a lot of heartfelt conversations among the Nakano Sisters and Futaro. However, as moving as the scenes were, we can’t help but be disappointed in the omissions of particular events from the manga. Here’s our full review of “Scrambled Eggs”. This particular episode also covered most of the sections from chapters 64-68 of the manga.


Quick Recap

Here’s what you’ve missed from the previous episode:

  • Nino dropped a huge bomb on Futaro and confessed her feelings for him

  • Futaro and Miku randomly met at a supermarket and decided to join a raffle that led to them winning the trip to an onsen and the mountains

  • The Nakano Sisters acted a bit weird and distant from Futaro which he immediately noticed

You can read the full review of the previous episode here.


Anime vs. Manga

We’ve already mentioned in our previous reviews that the anime had the habit of not following the manga’s sequence of events even to the point that some parts were already omitted. This particular move will always be a double-edged sword as it can either make or break the episode for fans of the show, especially the ones who are aware of the events in the manga.

This was the same case for this particular episode. Much more serious conversations have been had among the cast that were not translated into the anime and judging from the ending of this episode, it does not look like the anime will be showing those scenes in the succeeding episodes. The only chance for the anime to include it is if they add some flashback scenes in the future.

What made the omissions disappointing is the fact that those conversations carried a lot of weight in the sequence of events. All of them should’ve been able to add more depth in the already emotional episode. Quite a shame to be honest. But at least anime fans have the option to read the manga just to be aware of those events.


Meaningful Conversations; Valuable Lessons

Since the episode had a lot of meaningful conversations, we’ll dedicate this section into dissecting those encounters and explain what they meant for the anime’s dynamic.

Onsen conversations feat. Nino (L) and Ichika (R)

Nino and Ichika. Last week, Nino dropped a lot of bombs on fans as the first quint to openly confess her feelings for Futaro. However, this particular conversation allowed us to understand Nino’s point of view and she gave some really advice of prioritizing one's own happiness even if it meant stepping on her own sister’s feelings. After all, how can one be truly happy if they let other people have what they want for themselves? As painful it is to see Ichika hurting during this sequence, it might’ve been a blessing in disguise for her to finally decide to take action.

Rooftop conversations feat. Ichika (L) and Yotsuba (R)

Ichika and Yotsuba. This particular conversation was so moving as it relayed how the younger sibling viewed her older sister. Of all people, who would’ve thought that most immature quint would be able to spit out wisdom like that? Yotsuba also gave a very valuable lesson to her older sister and the viewers which is to not hold back if you truly want something. It’s quite similar to what Nino said previously but the way Yotsuba said it was to encourage Ichika to do what she wanted.

Hallway conversations feat. Futaro (L) & Grandfather (R)

Futaro and the Grandfather. Futaro was astounded at the fact that the quints’ grandfather can easily tell each Nakano sister by simply looking at them. This baffled Futaro and wanted to know the secret which led to another valuable lesson being taught: having love allows you to pay more attention to the people most dear to you. Over time, you get more and more familiar with the mannerisms, voice and nuances of that person. Every time we get the chance to spend time with the people we love, we should really live in those moments and not take them for granted.

A touching moment between Miku (L) and Futaro (R)

Futaro and Miku. This was definitely the highlight of the episode as Miku was the most vocal out of everyone regarding her feelings toward Futaro prior to Nino’s confession. She wanted Futaro to be able to tell them apart on his own as she wanted him to see them individually instead of just his quintuplet students. This scene taught the audience to be appreciative of small wins in life and that it’s alright to show how you really feel. However, as touching as the scene was, it also brought out some confusion as it gave the audience the impression that Miku was raising the white flag.


This was definitely an enjoyable episode for the audience. Valuable lessons were taught in those meaningful conversations despite the differences in their deliveries. It’s still quite disappointing that some events in the manga weren’t included but the episode was still able to deliver on such an emotional level.

On another note, that cliffhanger was too juicy to let it slide. Who do you think that was?! I guess we all have to find out in the next episode.

Who could this be?!

The Quintessential Quintuplets ∬ Episode 9, “Welcome to Class 3-1”, airs on March 5, 2021 at 1:28AM (JST).


TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

  • Valuable events from the manga were omitted which caused disappointment for fans that were aware of the manga.

  • Meaningful conversations were evident all throughout the episode and valuable lessons were taught with each one. The importance of prioritizing one’s own happiness, understanding that it’s okay to do what you want, paying attention to the little details while living in the moment, having the courage to show how you really feel and celebrating the small wins in life.

  • A juicy cliffhanger left the audience something to look forward to in the next episode


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