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To Your Eternity - Ep. 2: Sweet and fiendishly dark

Through the smiles of a child and the darkness of her reality, the 2nd episode invites viewers to enjoy both the joy and pain of To Your Eternity’s world and promises to provide more.

“Hey mommy, when do I get to grow up?”

March, a little girls wearing pale robes and ink on her face, laughing with her family inside their home
To be together

The next chapter in To Your Eternity begins with the unnamed being of the last episode. Now wearing white hair and golden eyes, “It” walks with no purpose, only absorbing information and resurrecting. And through its travels, it stumbles its way to the next member of the story. The majority of the episode revolves around a girl named March. A small child from a tiny rural village, she is filled with dreams of growing up and becoming a mother. She spends her days playing in the mud and with her beloved family and friends. Playing pretend mother to her stuffed animals given to her by her beloved friend. But her fate seems to lead her to a darker path, one where no stuffed toys or sweet smiles can remain. And it’s only a matter of how she will get out of it in one piece.

Carrying the same mix of lightheartedness and dark drama, the 2nd episode spares no time in introducing the major theme of the day. The role of responsibility in the setting of community, and the consequences of breaking from that responsibility, is a huge part of what the story wants to tell. Having a young episode protagonist easily shows the contrast of age and responsibility. And this is made even more apparent with March’s desire to grow up, wanting to be considered a proper woman like everyone else in the village. In a twisted turn of events, she gets what she wants, to be a grown-up. And adult with responsibilities to her family and village. And it is a harsh and cruel world she lives in that her new responsibility asks so much from her. Responsibility as it may be, her fate is made known to be cruel, something that the show exploits to tell more about its major arc that’s really about the overall story of what life really means. And that includes showing the darker and revolting underbelly that we tend to forget in our history and culture.

“I’m sorry, Daddy”

March covered and surrounded by offerings after she was chosen
For the community

This is maybe why “It” steps in. Since “It” is practically an infant in knowledge and awareness, the show seems to be planning to use “It” as a vehicle to either solidify March’s role and responsibility or open a possible future for her beyond her community. Or maybe “It” simply exists in the story for the audiences to get introduced to another side of the human story that we tend to forget, which is the vicious and violent moments that cultures had to go through before learning a more peaceful way. Whatever the case, the show doesn’t hold back in making it another whirlwind ride.

While not as immediately gut-wrenching or heartbreaking as the 1st episode, the story of March isn’t a pleasant one despite the larger amounts of jokes. Though it has moments where it gets tonally unbalanced, the episode no doubt still carries itself forward effectively. It also helps that the beautiful animation of Brain’s Base and the cinematic score by Ryou Kawasaki elevates the story even further. Whether it’s all about the unnamed protagonist regenerating, or March’s peaceful life collapsing, the animation and music continue to boost the emotions and carry the episode through some of its narrative faults. Though, with the beautifully animated opening and the voice of Hikaru Utada (with the song Pink Blood) as the beginning of the episode, music and visuals are already expected to be perfect.

“I’m not your mommy you know!”

March staring up to the sky while carried in a palanquin.
Fly free

All in all, the episode still continues the expectations the 1st episode set. With more than 18 other episodes coming, To Your Eternity has a lot of room to make mistakes. But has an infinite world that is ready to take the audience on a journey.

In summary:

Still a good episode. Ready for more.


New episodes of To Your Eternity coming out every Monday. Watch Episode 3 on 26 of April 2021 at 10:50 PM (JST).

Official English website: To Your Eternity

Official Japanese website: To Your Eternity

Official English Twitter account: To Your Eternity


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