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To Your Eternity – Episode 3 Review: Soft, tragic, and exciting

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Episode 3 of To Your Eternity manages to overcome its filler-like quality through sheer strength of character writing, and a peek of the consequence of the nameless immortal’s existence on their world will be.

“How about Fu-chan then?”

The immortal white haired being standing on a walled space in a deep forest
The immortal "Fu-chan"

The end isn’t always the end. In the last episode, we see March and “It” bond more or less. Through March’s power of sheer friendliness and escapism, she decides to act motherly to the now named “Fu-chan”. It seems like the beginning of a wonderful friendship. But their reality is still stark and full of troubles. There are still people and creatures out to hurt them. And despite March’s wishes, a cruel world is waiting for her to make a sacrifice.

Meanwhile, the immortal “Fu-chan” isn’t living their existence without making a mark. Through twists and turns, their existence is changing the world they were dropped in. And for better or worse, has taken the first steps in making itself known to the world, leaving ripples in the process.

“In order to adapt, they need to change themselves.”

March is carried, unconscious, to a barricaded encapment by the warriors from the other village. She is to be an offering
We all make sacrifices

Episode 3 is less about plot and more about set up. The episode is focused on showing more world-building in tiny aspects, already individualizing itself as a simple “The philosophical wonders of life” type of story. The world being made is more fantastical, and has a promise of greater creativity and adventure, which helps it conquer the first barrier in stories like this. Where the very core of the story is all about wandering and philosophy, having some freedom and leeway to what exists can help spice it up. Not that To Your Eternity has to deal with that anytime soon. Because despite the minor faults in the narrative, it still has thrilling moments and strong character writing that carries it through.

One great thing the episode has done is set up Fu-chan’s character. No spoiler, but there are steps being taken that gives a glimpse into who exactly are immortal hero can become. It’s exciting to see since the last episode was mostly about the immortal being a walking doll not knowing what to do with themselves. It’s all pretty much a slow burn on the immortal’s front. The greater character drama is really about March and her thematic arc.

“Thank you.”

March and her friend Parona. March had just woken up after the bear was defeated by the immortal Fu-chan. Parona was crying and waiting for her to wake up.
Tears and smiles

While the previous episode seemed to be leaning toward showing the twisted world of tradition and responsibility, and why we should follow them, the episode counters that thought through a desire to break free. From March’s friend Parona loudly raging against their traditions, to the quiet acceptance of March. It’s a situation that is so naturally disturbing made more melancholic thanks to genius editing and direction and music. Every episode so far is a delight of emotional galore of sounds that perfectly captures every tear and laugh of the characters.

It isn’t the most groundbreaking story, the idea of breaking from tradition is a common enough trope in a setting like To Your Eternity’s, so nuanced character writing and direction are what really keep it afloat. And whether it is still the same level of quality in future episodes is still up for debate. But whatever the case, To Your Eternity has no problems and is still enjoyable so far.

In summary:

A bit filler but still good.


New episodes of To Your Eternity coming out every Monday. Watch Episode 4 on 3 of May 2021 at 10:50 PM (JST).

Official English website: To Your Eternity

Official Japanese website: To Your Eternity

Official English Twitter account: To Your Eternity


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