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To Your Eternity – Episode 6 Review: How to train your immortal

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Fushi continues his search in the newest episode of To Your Eternity. But god-like forces finally make themselves known. And we learn that Fushi has an important part to play in the madness.

Do monsters have feelings or think about things?

The ghost of the knowledge Fushi has of March finally returning to him, and giving a glimpse of the inside of the creature

After the loss of March, Fushi has gone to explore and gain more insight into the world. Following the internalized objective within, he decides to go where the wind takes him and stumbles upon a familiar figure. Pioran, the elderly that March and Parona escaped with. The same elder who was forced to play a role she didn’t want to stay alive. All alone in the wilderness, the reunion between the two seems to be exactly what Fushi needs. After the two stumble as they try to get along, Fushi finds himself captivated with the knowledge that Pioran bears. And Pioran is all too willing to help the naïve immortal learn to be a proper human being.

So together they travel, Fushi learning words and phrases and names of the world, Pioran his first teacher. And with Pioran, Fushi learns more about the chaotic world he was dropped in. And together, they discover that there is something in the world that is just as dangerous as Fushi. Something powerful and exists to counter him. And that Fushi, despite not understanding, has a destiny tied to the will of being that’s more powerful than they could imagine.

To grow up is to learn.

Fushi and Pioran eating fish by a campfire
An immortal and his teacher

After another emotional episode, To Your Eternity finally gives the audience a break. Instead of pulling at heartstrings and making you cry, the 6th episode is all laid back at first. It’s back to Fushi’s antics on trying to make sense of the world with the added comedy of Pioran trying to make sense of the immortal. It’s a light-hearted comedy that’s easy to enjoy.

But there’s also the way more intimate moments get stirred into the happiness that is entertaining. Seeing Pioran complain to “March” appearing out of nowhere would seem funny until the scene switches to the floor of the wagon still stained with March’s blood. It’s in the silence where the sadness still lingers and leaves viewers on their toes. It’s fun to watch Fushi try and stay away from a starving Pioran, and then have it turn poignant as she realizes that Fushi knows nothing about the written word or the idea of language itself. Funny yet quietly dramatic. It’s all the familiar method seen in To Your Eternity so far, but it speaks volumes to how much the story values the construction and complexity of the characters

And it’s this character writing and world-building that is the most entertaining in the episode. We see Fushi shift form with each function the is needed in that moment. It’s easy to see a theme of how Fushi is literally made up of the experiences of others, how he’s a collage of the memories of each past existence. It makes for a very intimate way of showing his powers and growth. Like how he copies a lot of March’s mannerisms and uses her form to climb trees. Why the bear form gives him pain and he avoids it when he can. And why the unnamed boy with white hair still lingers in his heart despite him having little to no knowledge of what it meant to have a heart. Why even the words he uses and the ideas he believes in are just the echoes of his old friends. It’s the start of a pattern, something that can become heartbreaking in future episodes. Honestly, it’s one of the best things to look forward to.

And then there’s the aspect of the world-building. Because while the episode’s quiet drama and light comedy are fun, it’s the sudden introduction of another supernatural being that ups the stakes. In a huge surprise, another creature that is just as, if not more powerful, than Fushi himself. Through the battle, the audience is finally introduced to another player in To Your Eternity’s world. A god-like being with hidden intentions and a game at play. Fushi seems to be his “champion” of sorts. And that whatever attacked Fushi was not the end. That Fushi’s role in their world is more important and more apocalyptic. It’s teasing in that it promises greater mayhem and entertainment, more heartbreak and drama, and is just the thing needed to bring To Your Eternity to the next level.

I am your maker

A god like being rises from the ground during the fight between Fushi and the other creature
Let there be light

In this 6th episode, there was comedy, there was drama, there was quiet heartbreak, and there was action and world-ending possibilities. To Your Eternity has more up its sleeves, and while it’s ready to make us wait and take the journey rather than put us directly into the action. And it makes whatever incoming climax in the future all the sweeter. To Your Eternity doesn’t want a simple story, but an adventure for the soul. And we are so ready to take it.

In summary:



New episodes of To Your Eternity coming out every Monday. Watch Episode 7 on 24 of May 2021 at 10:50 PM (JST).

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Official Japanese website: To Your Eternity

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Watch this episode on Ani-One Asia: To Your Eternity Ep. 6

1 Comment

So far, this is one of my favorite episode from the series. Fushi's maker seems mysterious and I like him. Now, I am excited to see what will happen next in the story as Fushi travel to another place. :)

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