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To Your Eternity - Episode 9: Finding family and falling in love – a monster’s guide

Slowly but surely, Fushi and Gugu grow closer as brothers. Rean and Gugu become better friends. But can they escape the dangers coming after them?

“What’s ‘die’?”

In the last episode, Fushi managed to save Gugu in time from a bunch of thugs who wanted to kidnap him, all thanks to luck and good timing. Now together, they decide to stay with each other for now. And maybe have a little fun.

Gugu is having the time of his life. While the trauma from his past and the special organ full of alcohol in his belly isn’t really ideal, he still manages to smile and have fun. With Fushi by his side, the two make a ruckus, scaring kids and townspeople, and just showing them how much joy Gugu can still have in his life. Because he doesn’t need the strangers with the angry gazes or fearful whispers. He has people who want to be with him, who won’t be bothered. Fushi isn’t like most people, will never be like most people. He would live a lonely life. But that just meant that Gugu can make Fushi’s, and in turn his own world, a little less lonely. Monsters got to stick together after all.

But maybe some timely intervention from Rean might change his mind. Because while Rean and Gugu are from two different worlds, carrying different weights on their shoulders, they be more connected than a tragic accident that scarred them both. Because maybe Gugu isn’t as lonely as he thinks. Maybe there are people who want to be with him.

All the while, Fushi keeps on growing. More and more each day. With new stimulation comes new knowledge. With greater emotional impact, that knowledge remains even further into his mind. And the longer he stays with Gugu and Rean, the more he changes. But it may not be enough. Because Fushi has a fight to win. He’s part of a battle. And he’s nowhere near ready to face them.

“I like how weird you are either way, whether your spilling your guts out or you can’t help but hide everything.”

Nine episodes in and To Your Eternity has been nothing but good. With this new episode, To Your Eternity is now fully expanding the ‘young lovers’ story that it had, as well as providing solid foundations for a future ‘Fushi and Gugu’ best friend dynamic. So it’s all soft bubbly goodness that definitely washes away any darkness from the previous episodes.

With Fushi, Gugu gets to shine even more as a sort of muse for Fushi. The immortal managed to uncover a new ability thanks to him after all. And if the preview and the episode opening is anything to go by, Gugu and Fushi aren’t even done with the many possible adventures they can have. Hopefully, the show doesn’t decide to kill off Gugu too early, or maybe not kill the character at all, because he and Fushi have got a good thing going for them. A great camaraderie that manages to fill the holes with each other’s troubled pasts.

Then again, March was in the opening, and look where that got her.

Speaking of pasts, the audience is finally shown an even bigger glimpse to Gugu and his origins. While we don’t get to see who exactly his parents were, we do get to see how much family means to him. Because he hasn’t actually lived in a proper family. All he’s ever known is the embrace of his brother and the kind smiles of the employers who take them. Explains a lot why they didn’t have a home, why they never even managed to have close relatives to assist them. Taking the differences in their appearance compared to the village, it could be possible that Gugu and his big brother weren’t even from there to begin with. Either way, it leaves the boy lonely and hungry for love.

Here's one good thing to notice. Despite being in need of finding family, and despite Rean clearly being angled as a love interest to Gugu, Rean wasn’t written as the “one to fill his heart”. She isn’t just existing as a love interest (which is such an honest relief since other anime still like using female characters that way). She’s molded as a full character. This independent sense of identity is actually well tied to what is driving Rean.

Compared to Gugu, who just wants to find a family to love him, Rean is driven by the need to be free. Very typical of any rich character, she exists as merely a shadow of her family’s wealth. She must be an only child because the way she regales to Gugu how overly protected she makes it that way. And this has made her frustrated and desperate to be an independent individual. Every decision she’s made is all about that. It’s now new, not unique, but still effective. Especially since she and Gugu get along so well.

Which makes the romance being built feel so refreshing. It’s simple and straightforward, with only a few twists thanks to a few secrets making it complicated. But it’s still so generally wholesome, compared to the sludge of other animated titles and their questionable approaches to romance, that it’s one of the most uplifting things to see. Just watching two kids grow up and realize that they can be happy with one another. And have fun with their white-,haired, immortal, shape-shifting friend.

So we have the budding romance, we have the budding brotherhood. Things seem to be going great for the gang. And for the audience too. Maybe finally things will go well.

Which is when the show reminds you that it’s not interested in any way or form to be a simple romance.

“Are you enjoying playing human?”

Fushi might look like a human, but he isn’t one. He’s a being beyond humanity. Despite him wanting to learn and be with his friends, his destiny still tries to catch up to him. In this episode we only get a glimpse of the next battle. But it’s a stark enough reminder for Fushi. The game isn’t over yet, and Fushi has to be stronger for the next fight. But maybe, this time, he won’t be alone.

In summary:

To Your Eternity still delivers a healthy dose of well written fantasy and adventure and drama. Once again, the next episode couldn’t come any sooner.


New episodes of To Your Eternity coming out every Monday. Watch Episode 10 on 14 of June 2021 at 10:50 PM (JST).

Official English website: To Your Eternity

Official Japanese website: To Your Eternity

Official English Twitter account: To Your Eternity

Watch this episode on Ani-One Asia: To Your Eternity Ep. 9


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