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TRIBE NINE media mix project gets TV anime for Jan 2022, 3D ARPG mobile game and webtoon adaptations

Written by: Jei Beltrano

Published on: September 30, 2021 at 19:37 PHT (GMT+8)

PHOTO: TRIBE NINE Official Twitter

Akatsuki Inc. and Too Kyo Games' media mix project 'TRIBE NINE' has been revealed to receive a television (TV) anime series, a 3D action role-playing mobile game, and a webtoon adaptation. The announcement was made during the ‘Extreme Progress Report #00’ special live event for the project streamed on its official YouTube channel on Thursday.

Watch the livestream:

A series of announcements was posted on its official Twitter account. The first announcement is the production decision for its TV anime series adaptation.

Another sports anime with a twist... extreme baseball! The anime's first promotional video was revealed.

The TV anime series is animated by LIDENFILMS with Yuu Aoki serving as the series director. The scripts are written by Michiko Yokote and the characters are designed by Yosuke Yabumoto. Masafumi Takada is in charge of the music composition with Lantis producing the music. Funimation is co-producing the anime series.

The cast includes: //to be updated

??? as Aoyama Kazuki

??? as Kamiya Shun

??? as Shirokane Haru

??? as Arisugawa Saori ??? as Taiga

??? as Mita Santaro

??? as Daimon Manami

??? as Kamiki Yui

??? as Otori Ojiro

It was also announced that the project is also getting a 3D action role-playing smartphone game.

The game visuals were also previewed through scene cuts.

The project willl also inspire a webtoon adaptation produced by Whomor Inc. and illustrated by Miyako Nagi. More details will be announced soon.

The outline of the new project has been posted on Too Kyo Games' official website:

"This work is a new IP project produced by Akatsuki and Too Kyo Games. This is a complete original work in which the story takes place in fictional 23 wards in Tokyo where outlaw groups existing in each ward use a dueling method called "Xtream Baseball", based on baseball, fight each other staking their prestige on the line".