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YOASOBI and animation studio SHAFT release new MV 'Taishō Roman'

Written by: Nicole Castro

Published on: September 17, 2021 at 13:32 PHT (GMT+8)

Music group YOASOBI and animation studio SHAFT released a music video (MV) titled Taishō Roman on Sept. 16, 2021.

The MV (Japanese title: 大正浪漫) features characters Chiyoko and Tokisho, who were illustrated by Eisaku Kubonouchi. Chiyoko and Tokisho are lovers separated by 100 years, and the only way they can communicate their feelings is via letters that transcend time.

The video is a collaboration with NTT DoCoMo's new project Quadratic Playground, one of the company's latest platforms for digital entertainment. It was directed by Yusuke Takase, with artwork by Shinji Kimura, and animation by SHAFT.

Kubonouchi's illustrations are also used on the CD jacket of the song and on the cover of the original novel. A virtual reality (VR) version of the MV is scheduled to be released in October, which will allow viewers to experience the sensation of moving back and forth between eras via 360-degree view.

The limited edition original novel and Blu-ray retails at JPY 2,970, while the regular edition retails for JPY 1,485. Purchase links and additional details are on the dedicated website.


YOASOBI is a Japanese music duo composed of Vocaloid (voice synthesizer software) producer Ayase and singer-songwriter Ikura (Lilas Ikuta). They debuted with the single "Yoru ni Kakeru" in December 2019. As of 2021, "Yoru ni Kakeru" has garnered more than 200 million views on YouTube.

About Studio SHAFT

SHAFT is a Japanese animation studio headquartered in Suginami, Tokyo, and founded in 1975. Some of their popular anime series include Arakawa Under the Bridge (2010), Puella Magi Madoka Magica (2011), Nisekoi (2014), and Luminous Witches (2022).

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