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‘Youjouhan Time Machine Blues’ novel gets TV anime adaptation

Written by: Allysa Malicdem

Published on: August 12, 2021 at 10:05 PM PHT (GMT+8)

In a press release by KADOKAWA on Thursday, it was announced that Tomihiko Morimi’s ‘Youjouhan Time Machine Blues’ novel gets a TV anime adaptation. Included is the production team for the said project. No additional details nor release date has been disclosed as of writing.

The official Youtube channel of Fuji TV’s Noitamina anime programming block has posted a video announcing the upcoming TV anime adaptation of the novel.

Shingo Natsume, who has worked with ‘The Tatami Galaxy’ TV anime adaptation director Masaaki Yuusa, is the series’ director. Studio Science SARU will be in charge of animation. Makoto Ueda returns as the scriptwriter with Yusuke Nakamura for the character designs.

A comment from 'The Tatami Galaxy' director Masaaki Yuusa on the illustrations to support the upcoming animation:

The sequel novel was published by KADOKAWA on July 2020. It was inspired by Makoto Ueda’s ‘Summer Time Machine Blues’ stage play. It is a composite of the elements from the story of Ueda’s stage play with characters from Morimi’s novel and Nakamura’s illustrations.

Youjouhan Time Machine Blues is a continuation of ‘The Tatami Galaxy’ (Youjouhan Shinwa Taikei) which was published by Ohta Publishing in 2005 and was adapted into an 11-episode TV anime series on 2010 with the animation handled by studio Madhouse. Director Masaaki Yuusa and scriptwriter Makoto Ueda were in-charge of the production.

A commentary from director Shingo Natsume:

It's been more than 10 years since the anime broadcast of "The Tatami Galaxy", but as soon as I started reading "The Tatami Galaxy", the feeling of that time revived at once. I will do my best to animate this nostalgia so that I can share it with you. At the same time, we will continue to push forward so that you can enjoy the new sensation of "Summertime Machine Blues" .

Comments from the novel writer Tomihiko Morimi:

I would be happy if that happened, but I thought that there would be no such story, but I never thought that animation would really be realized. I am happy as one of the authors. I'm looking forward to the summer of four and a half mats ... the summer of the time machine.

Synopsis by MAL:

The story of Yojohan Time Machine Blues is set during a sweltering midsummer day when Ozu, the protagonist's "terrible friend", accidentally drowns the only remote control for the air conditioning unit in their apartment. While they discuss their predicament with Akashi, the protagonist's raven-haired love interest, a sloppily-dressed time-traveling student arrives from 25 years in the future, prompting the protagonist to borrow his time machine in an effort to snatch the remote control from the past before it breaks.

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