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Dr. Ramune: Mysterious Disease Specialist Ep. 9: the obligatory fun filler

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

What happens when you mix puzzles, avant-garde art, and a bunch of treasure-hungry characters in one big mansion? The 9th episode of Dr. Ramune: Mysterious Disease Specialist. But is it as fun as it wants to be?

“Welcome to the mysterious labyrinth!”

A man and kid, Kuro and Master Mojiji are standing in a room, with floating candles and a refrigerator with the words "Entrance".
Enter at your own risk

The episode begins with Ramune and Kuro making their way. Not downtown, but to a mysterious mansion in the middle of the woods. The two received an invitation to “turn over the twisted truth” and join the game of a deceased artist by the name of Reinette, who was known for their wonderful art pieces and mysterious creations. Joined by Grandma and Nico from the mysterious items shop, and a blast from Ramune’s past, the ragtag group take the challenge of Reinette’s mansion to uncover its treasure. But what secrets do these collections have? And what horrors will they unleash?

Well, not a lot to be honest.

Minor spoilers ahead!

“Pierce the armor’s heart”

Ramune, trying his best to jump from the colorful mushrooms
Fun and games, they said, grrr

The story for the latest episode is mostly focused on two things. The puzzles and games, and the story of Ramune’s past. Specifically, his mentor Master Momiji. Though the ordeals they go through take up most of the action, the true tasty meat of the story lies in the conflict between Ramune’s mentor and himself. There’s a lot of unpacked stories between the two. Based on Ramune’s first reaction from meeting him, he doesn’t really have good memories. He literally ran away, and shivers every time he approaches (which is technically signs of trauma due to an abusive relationship, but this is a shounen anime, and if trauma isn’t the topic then don’t expect any nuanced exploration). But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t trust the man. There’s a lot of history between them, a bond that runs deep. But it seems that the show chooses to keep this as a hidden string, a surprise tie in to the future episodes, as the real story driver is their attempt at finding Reinette’s treasure.

And honestly, the story isn’t really bad. There’s some fun to be head watching them figure out each and every puzzle. Though the challenges aren’t strictly difficult to figure out per say, and could even be called shallow. Mostly, the episode plays out as mindless entertainment. Not really bad, but not extremely good. Just a solid OK that is entertaining enough to keep you to the screen, but not well written enough to write anything about. It is fun to see the many designs and art they show on screen. It’s a fun enough episode to just sit back and relax too while doing your homework.

Except, of course, there’s also a hint of something lurking. It doesn’t really reveal what the show has planned, but the episode feels like a fun filler that wants to entice viewers into a sense of normalcy to hide the plans it has underneath. This is more apparent in the end, which is the first true sign that the show is finally showing the longer threads of its storyline, and the first hint that the episodic stories are gonna come close. Whether it happens in this season or the next, we can only wait to find out.

“Turn over the twisted truth”

Master Mojiji looking down in a dark room
Listen to Master

In summary, the ninth episode of Dr. Ramune is nothing to sing praises to, just another fun weekend night.


Dr. Ramune Mysterious Disease Specialist Episode 10 will be released on Sunday, 14 of March at 1:30 am JST.

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