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Dr. Stone: Stone Wars! Episode 8: TAIJU THE SHIELD HERO?!

The Ishigami Villagers Ready to Battle

It’s a race against time with the 8th Episode of Dr. Stone: Stone Wars! With everything in place, Senku and the Ishigami Villagers look to take over the cave of miracles in order to secure the highly coveted Revival Fluid. Read on as we dissect this adrenaline-packed episode in our full review of “Final Battle”.

The same episode also covered Chapters 75-76 of the manga.


Quick Recap

Here’s what you’ve missed from the previous episode:

  • Ukyo Saionji sees through Asagiri Gen’s impersonation of Lillian Weinberg

  • Having seen Yuzuriha Ogawa’s work on the shattered statues, Ukyo was won over and wanted to help Senku defeat Tsukasa under one condition: zero casualties.

  • Tsukasa finds out about Senku’s communication device at the grave site

You can check out the full review of the previous episode here.


Failing to plan is planning to fail

Ukyo Saionji

With their new found ally, Ukyo Saionji along with his incredible hearing ability, Senku gained the upper hand in their mission to take over the cave of miracles. However, their surprise attack was riding on nothing but a bluff. But in typical Senku fashion, this bluff was supported by scientific research and needed the perfect execution in order for them to get a favorable outcome.

The episode managed to impress the audience not only because of the plan itself, but the unshakeable trust that the Ishigami Villagers had in Senku. Despite the minimal margin of error required to execute the plan, the villagers were willing to ride it out no matter what. Not only was it time sensitive, it also required no casualties or else they lose Ukyo and his services.

The Kingdom of Science feat. Steam Gorilla

Having complete faith in your leader while understanding your role to contribute to the group’s success is something we should all try to do as it reinforces the value of teamwork. As one can only do so much on his/her own.


A Refreshing Miscalculation

By now the audience is already used to Senku’s flawless plans. But like any other scientific experiment, there’s always that room for error which, in this episode, is really quite unfortunate. No matter how well you plan something, slip-ups happen from time to time and unfortunately, this happened in such a crucial moment for Senku and the Ishigami Villagers.

An injured Senku

However, despite this miscalculation, it actually brought a refreshing thought into the viewers that Senku and his big brain is still capable of making mistakes. It may have been quite unfortunate but he displayed another admirable trait that we should also try to practice: do not dwell too long on your mistakes.

Most of us would feel disheartened if we fail at something that we've worked so hard on. But we should understand that failure is a part of the process and those moments are when we gain valuable learnings to further improve.

So if Senku can make mistakes, so can you. If he can bounce back from his shortcomings, then so can you.


This was definitely an action-packed episode that had the audience on the edge of their seats as the plan needed precise execution with little to no room for error. However, the ironic ending made shockwaves for the fans as it transitioned to a face-to-face encounter between Senku and Tsukasa Shishio. Despite this, the episode was able to share the values of faith, teamwork and resiliency in a very engaging manner.

Hyoga (L) and Tsukasa Shishio (R)

With such a cliffhanger ending, we cannot wait for the next episode as we approach the conclusion of the Stone Wars arc. It’s the Kingdom of Science vs. Tsukasa Shishio and Hyoga.

Dr. Stone: Stone Wars! Episode 9 entitled “To Destroy and To Save” airs on March 11, 2021 at 10:30PM (PHST).


TL;DR (Too Long; Didn’t Read)

  • The episode managed to impress the audience with the incredible display of the Ishigami Villagers' faith in their leader Senku and his plan that required perfect execution with little to no room for error.

  • Seeing Senku encounter a miscalculation allowed the audience to have a refreshing thought that he is not perfect and is definitely capable of making mistakes

  • Important values of faith, teamwork and resiliency was clearly evident from the episode


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