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Japanese voice actress 'Yui Ishikawa' announces marriage

Written by: Jei Beltrano | Published on: May 30, 2021 at 2:55 PM PHT (GMT+8)

Japanese voice actress Yui Ishikawa announces on Saturday her marriage to her long-time boyfriend through her official public statement posted on her official artist Twitter account. The announcement date also coincides with her birthday.

Ishikawa said on her post, (rough translation) "I would like to report that I am going to marry a person I have been dating for a long time. He is an ordinary person, a shy and a small person, same as me. He is a wonderful person who supports me so that I can smile as I should. "... "I will do my best to grow more as a person and as an actor, so I hope you will warmly watch over me," she wrote.

Congratulatory messages from her supporters and co-artists filled the comment section of the post.

Yuki Kaji, the voice actor who played the role of Eren Yaeger in "Attack on Titan", gave his message to his co-artist being happy for her. He wrote, "Congratulations again! May you be forever happy 🕊 And happy birthday!." He ended his comment with praises for Ishikawa, "This 'child' is great! Because she was born in this world!".

Many of her co-artist retweeted the post including Natsuki Hanae, and many more who worked with her in the industry.

The voice actress was born on May 30, 1989 at Hyogo, Japan. She is well-known for the roles of Mikasa Ackerman in the anime series "Attack On Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin)", Violet in "Violet Evergarden", and countless more.


Source: Yui Ishikawa Official Twitter, Comic Natalie


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