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'Lupin III [PART 6]' releases PV for second cour of the anime in January 2022

Written by: Nicole Castro

Published on: December 9, 2021 at 12:17 PHT (GMT+8)

The official Twitter account of Lupin III [PART 6] has released a new promotional video (PV) for the second cour of the anime which will start airing on Jan. 8, 2022, on Nippon TV.

The new ending theme song for the second cour will be Bitter Rain, composed by Yuji Ohno and sung by Sakura Fujiwara.

In the PV for the second cour, the keywords "secret," "message," "women," "love," and "lies" appear along with consecutive images of various women possibly leading him to his mother who could still be alive.


  • Kanichi Kurita (栗田貫一) as Arsène Lupin III

  • Akio Ōtsuka (大塚明夫) as Daisuke Jigen

  • Daisuke Namikawa (浪川大輔) as Goemon Ishikawa XIII

  • Miyuki Sawashiro (沢城みゆき) as Fujiko Mine

  • Kōichi Yamadera (山寺宏一) as Inspector Koichi Zenigata


  • Original work: Monkey Punch

  • Director: Eiji Suganuma

  • Series composition: Shigeru Murakoshi

  • Character design: Hirotaka Marufuji

  • Art Directors: Akiko Kashiwamura, Masaru Sato, Yumi Matsumiya, Hiromasa Ogura, Wataru Nishizawa, Tram Anh Nguyen

  • Color design: Hiromi Miyawaki

  • Cinematographer: Akemi Sasaki

  • Editor: Masato Yoshitake

  • Sound director: Yoji Shimizu

  • Sound effects: Hiromune Kurahashi

  • Music: Yuji Ohno

  • Production: TMS Entertainment

  • Production: Lupin III PART6 Production Committee

About Lupin III

"Lupin III" (Japanese: ルパン三世, Rupan Sansei), also written as "Lupin the Third" is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Monkey Punch. It follows the adventures of master thief Arsène Lupin III, the grandson of Arsène Lupin.

Lupin III first appeared in the seinen manga magazine Manga Action on August 10, 1967, and has since spawned a media franchise including numerous manga, animated films, several video games, etc.

Over 50 years after its creation, Lupin III remains popular, with the sixth anime series airing in 2018.

Synopsis of Lupin III by MAL:

Arsène Lupin III is the grandson of world-famous thief Arsène Lupin, and he's living up to his grandfather's memory as a high-profile thief himself. Due to his infamy, Lupin III attracts the attention of the persistent Inspector Zenigata of the ICPO, as well as rival criminals. Lupin III's criminal lifestyle even seeps into his love life. The main woman in Lupin III's world is femme fatale Fujiko Mine, who Lupin III can never tell is working with or against him. Follow Lupin and his gunman partner Daisuke Jigen on their quest to own the world-or at least the valuable bits!


Source: Lupin III official Twitter, official website, Comic Natalie


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