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#Manga: New gag series "Protect me, Shugomaru!" starts run on weekly Shonen Jump

Written by: Gabriel Castillo

Published on: November 23, 2021 at 19:00 PHT (GMT+8)

“Protect Me, Shugomaru!” is a new gag series available on Shonen Jump written and illustrated by Daiki Ihara, known for gag spin-off series called “Koisuru One Piece”. This new title was released on Monday with a match promotional video as a sneak peek into the manga’s story and style.

The story revolves around 15-year-old Sanagi Ojo, an heiress to a large conglomerate, who enters an ordinary public high school for a purpose other than education. Right off the bat, her butler explains that an unidentified assassin named Skull plans on taking her life in the new school. To protect the young heiress, they enlist the help of the Tekko clan, sworn protectors of the Ojo family.

Since all the other sons of the Tekko clan have their own assignments, the youngest son Shugomaru (only 10 years-old) is in charge of guarding Sanagi. The enthusiastic bodyguard seems over-the-top with his protection style, as is expected of a gag series, and immediately causes some trouble even at home.

Despite Sanagi’s reluctance, Shugomaru follows her to school and protects her in a very messy, noticeable way. However, it was not only the Tekko clan’s duty driving the young bodyguard, but also a shared past with the young lady.

Sanagi and Shugomaru | PHOTO CREDIT: © Shueisha, Daiki Ihara

Apart from all the over-the-top style gags, the series also showcases a surprising bit of action. The relationship between the two characters is interesting and could potentially be very entertaining. Hopefully their dynamic develops beyond the shouty/scold-y/reprimand-y type as can be seen in the first chapter.


Source: Comic Natalie, Shonen Jump Website


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