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Officially licensed 'Kanojo, Okarishimasu' 3D mousepad designs previewed, set to start sales in May

Written by: Jei Beltrano | Published on: March 31, 2021 at 6:12 PM PHT (GMT+8)

Japanese online hobby shop Hobby Stock Japan has released on Tuesday through their official Twitter page, the designs for their upcoming release of the officially licensed "Kanojo, Okarishimasu (Rent-a-Girlfriend)" 3D mousepads. The merchandise will be available for sale this coming May.

The 3D mousepad comes in four different designs each of which represents the character of the TV anime adaptation of Reiji Miyajima's "Kanojo, Okarishimasu" manga series. The designs include (left to right): Chizuru Mizuhara, Mami Nanami, Ruka Sarashina, and Sumi Sakurasawa.

There are still no information released about its price, materials and dimension.

View Hobby Stock's Kanokari-licensed merchandise portal here or their official site here.

Disclaimer: AniRadio+ is not a sponsor nor an affiliate of Hobby Stock Japan. This story is for feature news purposes only and is not intended for promotion or any sales-related purposes.


The 'Kanojo, Okarishimasu' series is based on the Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Reiji Miyajima. It has been serialized in Kodansha's Weekly Shōnen Magazine since July 2017, and has been compiled into seventeen volumes as of September 2020.

The manga inspired a TV anime series with the first season consisting of 12 episodes, aired from July 11 to September 26, 2020 on the Super Animeism programming block on MBS and other networks. It was animated by TMS Entertainment and directed by Kazuomi Koga, with Mitsutaka Hirota handling series composition, Kanna Hirayama designing the characters, and Hyadain composing the music.

The Peggies performed the opening theme "Centimeter". Halca performed the first ending theme "Kokuhaku Bungee Jump" starting from Episodes 2–6 and 8–12, while Halca also performed the second ending theme "First Drop" for Episode 7.

A second season was announced last year and is scheduled to begin broadcasting in 2022.


Kazuya Kinoshita is dumped by his girlfriend Mami Nanami after dating for a month. He then decides to use an online dating app to rent a girlfriend named Chizuru Mizuhara, a beautiful and attractive girl. However, because she was inauthentic, he gives her a low rating. When Chizuru berates him for that, he realizes she is meaner than he expected. However, when Kazuya's grandmother is hospitalized following a collapse, he brings Chizuru along and his grandmother is smitten with how great she is. Kazuya continues renting Chizuru in order to keep up appearances with his family and friends, but things get complicated when they discover they are next-door apartment neighbors and attend the same college. Later, other girls from the rental girlfriend business also join in. (via Wiki)


Source: Hobby Stock Official Twitter


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